SEIU was Behind 'Occupy Wall Street' from the Beginning!


Well, well,who would’ve guessed? The “grass-roots efforts” of Occupy Wall Street weren’t so “grass-roots,” after all;  the organizers have been working with ACORN and SEIU fronts from the very beginning. So much for the desperate, pathetic attempts by the Obama Media Group to compare these clueless people to The Tea Party, huh? Oh well, they’re more in philosophical alignment s with the Bolshevik Revolution, anyway.

One of the organizers of the demonstration admitted that she has been closely working with the Working Peoples Party from “day one.” The WPP was founded in the mid-90’s by SEIU, ACRORN and a coalition of other labor unions and community organizations. (Hmm; community organizations? community organizers? Barack Obama? I just love playing “connect the dots!”)

Claiming that the primary goal of Occupy Wall Street is to bring “revolutionary change to the United States,” the youthful organization leader explained that various working groups bring proposals to the “general assembly,” which they originally intended to call the “Politburo,” but no one could figure out how to spell it. The general assembly then decides which proposals are achievable and beneficial to the people. (Isn’t this where Animal Farm started to run off the rails?)

The organizer stumbled a bit when asked what changes she would like to see come about as a result of this charade -because of her concern that “objectives should be determined through the ‘collectivism process.,'” She manage to say that “people shouldn’t live paycheck to paycheck,” and that the logical solution is to “change the ‘infrastructure’ of the country.” (vs. changing the infrastructure of those who run up credit card debt and spend more money than they make.) The “infrastructure” in question? Capitalism. “It’s not working for any of us,” she said. (Of course it’s not working for you losers – none of you appear to have jobs.) I love it by the way, when these people are asked which system they would prefer to capitalism. (See “deer caught in headlights” in the dictionary.)

The young lady goes on to say that organized labor has “joined” (, meaning, organized from the beginning) the movement because it is“under complete and utter attack these days from “corporate America and uh…uh…uh…the management aspect of things.”  What, exactly, is the “management aspect of things”? Too funny; she better reread the talking points tonight.

As for the community organizations, she says they have fighting against “corporate greed” since the 1920’s. (Community Organizer Obama was not available for comment or verification.)

Here are few additional dots to connect if you’re so inclined:

  • The Working Families Party was established in the ’90s by key members of the The New Party, ACORN, SEIU, and a coalition of other labor unions and community organizations.
  • Patrick Gaspard, the current executive director of the Democratic National Committee, and former director of Obama’s Office of Political Affairs, was an organizer for The New Party, and the executive vice president of the SEIU Local 1199. He was also the Political Director for Bertha Lewis (the former president of ACORN) and a co-chair of the Working Families Party.
  • The first strategic planning meetings of The New Party were held in Joel Rogers’ Madison, Wisconsin home; Wade Rathke, ACORN and SEIU founder and Gerry Hudson from Democratic Socialists of America and SEIU were in attendance at those meetings.
  • The New Party’s influential Chicago chapter was formed in January 1995. Its members consisted mainly of activistss from ACORN, SEIU and the Democratic Socialists of America. Obama attended a New Party function and received their endorsement in 1995.
  • In 1994, a New Party newspaper listed more than 100 activists “who are building the NP”; among the list of 100 were Noam Chomsky, Frances Fox Piven, Wade Rathke, Cornel West, Jon Barton of SEIU, Maude Hurd of ACORN and Margaret Shelleda of SEIU.
  • Gerry Hudson, SEIU Executive Vice President and original New Party member, serves on the board of the Apollo Alliance. The Alliance is a project of the Tides Center. Harry Reid credited the Apollo Alliance with helping to write the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

It’s all coming together now, isn’t it? Rumors are beginning to circulate that indicate many of the “activists” and “protesters” who are “occupying” Wall Street (and the various other locations around the country) have been heavily recruited to do so – and many of them may be actually be receiving compensation for their efforts. Yeah, loons: a “grass roots” movement: – “just like the Tea Party,” huh? Give me a break.

This makes perfect sense – or at the very least it’s quite a strange coincidence; every “protester” I see being interviewed is more clueless and less enthusiastic than was the previous one. I’d keep my face off TV if I were one of them; I’d hate to be fired by SEIU.

Speaking of SEIU – they laid out the plans for Occupy Wall Street months ago:

It’s often said that politics makes strange bedfellows. In this case however, the Occupation Wall Street loons, Big Labor, community organizations and Barack Obama are all peas in a pod. Wise up, America; these clowns are serious.


Don’t you bet Barack Obama is just itchin’ to put on those comfortable shoes and join his comrades? Maybe he’ll drop by with a battery-powered teleprompter and read a speech; he can go as a representative of the Community Organizers’ Hall of Fame.