I'll Have the Pork Chop Platter; Hold the Pork Chops!


I often describe the Obama Regime as “the gift that keeps on giving.” Hardly a day goes by that the Rat  doesn’t run headlong into another awesome Captain Clueless story that causes him to race to the blog and fire up another stinging post. Such is the the case as well with our pals of “the Muslim persuasion.”

As is the case with its brethren in the Democratic Party, the “peaceful religion” displays an incredible level of hypocrisy that is simply beyond the pale. Average hypocrites can only dream of this level of hypocritical nirvana. 

In today’s episode of Irascible Islamic Idiocy, a Muslim death-row inmate in Ohio is suing the state prison system, charging that it is violating his civil rights by denying him meals prepared according to Islamic law. Seriously.

Additionally, the prisoner is employing the popular “you like them better than me” strategy, claiming that while Ohio trashes his “civil rights,”  it has no problem providing kosher meals to Jewish prisoners. You can take the Muslims out of the Middle East, but you can’t take the Middle East out of the Muslims.

Although officials with the Ohio Prison System tell us they have already removed pork from the menu in response to the lawsuit, the condemned inmate, Abdul Awkal, argues that the prison hasn’t gone far enough because it fails to provide halal meals, which Awkal says is a “restraint on his religious freedoms.” 

Call me picky, but was not the beheading of Jewish-American journalist, Daniel Pearl in Pakistan a “restraint on his religious freedoms,” not to mention a severe “violation” of his “civil rights”?

Lest you liberal loons respond with acerbic comments, and attack me with the “two wrongs don’t make a right” argument, try your best to understand my point: I can envision crazed Muslims in the streets of Tehran – maniacally burning American flags – carrying (WAY outdated) signs saying ,”Kill George Bush!” – and chanting “Death to the infidels!” because some murdering Islamic loser in Ohio has his panties in a knot – over the prison menu.

The “What’s for dinner?” commercial now has a whole new meaning to the Rat.

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