I Guess Mishy Didn't Buy Her African Vacation at Target, Huh?



Michelle Obama must have known last week that the taxpayer watch group, Judicial Watch, was about to spill the beans on the cost of her June vacation in Africa, when she threw on a ball cap and her workout clothes, and hurried off to Target to hook up with an AP photographer to do a bit of “shared sacrifice” shopping, huh?

I’m not sure which is more preposterous – Mishy, Malia and Sasha spending more than $432,000 – some estimates put the cost at closer to $700,000 – on yet another vacation – or The Obama Regime thinking that anyone with a modicum of intelligence would actually believe that Michelle Obama shops at Target – let alone “just happens” to run into an AP photographer who “just happens” to have his camera with him as he too is shopping at Target. These people are awesome.

While I couldn’t nail down all of the trips Mishy has taken on the taxpayers’ dime – such as those six-day “weekend” ski trips to Vail and the like – here is a list of her more controversial travels:

The glitzy Spanish getaway: The First Lady raised eyebrows last year when she jaunted off to Spain – along with a “cast of thousands” – staying in top-dollar luxury accommodations in the middle of a recession. (Spanish police even closed a public beach so Mishy’s entourage could have it all to their itty-bitties.)

The “queen-hugging” trip to England: Obama violated Royal etiquette in London during a 2009 visit, when she broke with protocol and hugged Queen Elizabeth, causing a major stir in England and elsewhere. (I’m with Mishy on this one; get over it, England.)

The “Muslim-touching” trip to Indonesia: Last November, Michelle shook the hand of a conservative Muslim minister, a form of social contact between the sexes that violated his Islamic vows. The minister blamed the First Lady for the violation. (With her on this one too; get over yourself and your religion.)

The “illegal-alien” visit to Mexico: Critics accused the First Lady of organizing a frivolous trip to Mexico in April 2010 with Jill Biden, crazy Joe’s wife. While the purpose of the trip was ostensibly focused on establishing contact with younger civic leaders, detractors called out Mishy for traveling to a country that has long been at odds with the U.S. due to its intransigence in combating illegal immigration.

Obviously, part of a First Lady’s job is that of de facto ambassador of the president; always has been – always will be. But here’s the rub: Captain Teleprompter continues to beat the drum of “shared sacrifice” while Mishy and her entourage – accompanied by a couple of dozen servants – continue to rack up millions of taxpayer-funded expenses on their extravagant trips around the world.

Captain Buck Passer chastises Congress to “work a little harder,” before jetting off (in a separate jet) to join the family for an exclusive vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Captain Abdicate issues teleprompter threats to Colonel Gadhafi – then jets off to Rio with the wife and kids – leaving Nicolas Sarkozy to rule the Western world.

Hell, dude can’t even stop playing as much golf as he can possibly squeeze into his busy schedule of pretending to be president.

Mishy sees as Mishy does; who could blame the poor girl?

Do you suppose her hubby sneaks a few more cheeseburgers than normal when Mishy’s on vacation? You gotta bet SHE does.

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