SEIU's Lerner: 'Break Laws and Spread the Crisis all over the U.S.'


SEIU shill and community agitator Stephen Lerner’s recent speech to the Big Labor trade union is yet another example of the escalation of antagonistic rhetoric that unionists and their apologists are employing in a coordinated effort across the country. Their objective is to force corporations, the “super-rich,” and anyone else who gets in their way, to accept Labor’s demands — whenever and wherever they are made. Lerner’s carefully chosen words are amazingly candid:

“We are heroic; we operate out of the highest moral place,” Lerner said, extolling an audience of unions, community organizers and students to “build and create power.” In an unbelievably revealing admission, he continued, “We’re not gonna convince the other side we’re right through intellectual argument.”  His solution? The creation of an escalating “crisis for the super-rich.”

Drawing a comparison between the “plight of union workers” and the Arab Spring, Lerner asked the crowd, “What do all the things that have changed in the world have in common?” — to which someone in the audience replied, “People in the street.”  The community rabble-rouser replied, without hesitation: “And are the people in the streets getting permits, and always getting permission? As the audience laughed, the unionist continued his comparison with the revolution in Egypt: “Do you think, like in Egypt, they said to the police, ‘could we have a permit to stay in the square,’ and if the police had said, ‘no,’ they would’ve gone home?” 

This is the stark reality of today’s unions in America. We saw it in Wisconsin and around the country earlier this year. We heard James Hoffa implore Obama and a crowd of Teamsters to “take out these sons-of-bitches,” in a reference to the Tea Party. We saw dockworkers in Washington state damage property, destroy inventory and take company officials hostage. We’ve heard AFL-CIO thug Richard Trumka threaten those who oppose his demands, while bragging about his access to the Obama White House.

The reality is this: Barack Obama’s blatant pro-union stance has emboldened Big Labor and other unions across the country to break laws, issue threats, and create violence as they see fit. After all, their brother in White House ignores laws with which he disagrees — the Defense of Marriage Act and federal deportation laws, for example. Hey, if it’s good enough for the President of the United States and his Regime, it’s good enough for union thugs, community agitators and their apologists, right?

Lerner’s solution for people without “decent” housing? “If there are houses that are empty and good, why don’t we move into them?”He ends his diatribe to a standing ovation with, “Brothers and sisters, this is our mission, this is our challenge, this is our cause; we can create a new world from the ashes of the old – for those of you who know your great labor songs.” This is our dream.”

Of course, our pro-union, anti-corporation president has a long history with SEIU. In a 2008 pre-election campaign “chat” with SEIU members, which then-senator Obama didn’t know was being videoed, he bragged:

“There’s not another candidate who won’t tell you they’re pro-union when they’re lookin’ for your endorsement; they’ll all say, ‘I love SEIU,’ but the question you gotta ask yourself is, do they have a track record? Do they have it in their gut? Do they have a track-record of standing along beside you on picket lines? Do they have a track-record of going after the companies that won’t let you organize? Do they have a track-record of voting the RIGHT way? Do they have a track-record of helping you organize to build more power? 

I’ve been working with SEIU since before I was elected to anything. We built political power. When I was a community organizer, SEIU local 880 and myself — we organized people. We organized voter-registration drives. That’s how we built political power on the south side of Chicago; and now the time has come for us to do it across the country!” We are going to paint the nation with SEIU purple!  I’ve got my purple windbreaker. SEIU, together, let’s change the country!”

Obama then begins to chant “SEIU – SEIU -SEIU!” as the rabid union members join in.

Imagine for a moment, a Republican president as anti-union as Obama is pro-union. Imagine also, an uncovered video of a Republican president leading the non-union autoworkers at the Honda plant in Ohio in a chant: “No to unions – no to unions – no to unions!” How do you suppose the Obama Media Group would react to that video? How would Democrats around the country react?

Not only has Obama failed to deliver on his campaign promise to “reach across the aisle” and work with Republicans in a “new era of civility,” he has doubled down on class warfare — believing it’s the only (slim) chance he has salvaging his disastrous presidency. While the president’s politics of division may not be dangerous as it relates to blacks, Hispanics and gays, it’s an entirely different ball game when it comes to union thugs and their minions.

Are violence, death threats and “creating a crisis for the super-rich” unintended consequences of Obama’s aggressive pro-union rhetoric, or has he known what he’s doing all along? After all, Stephen Lerner assured the unionists that “we’re not going to convince the other side we’re right through intellectual argument.”

Looks to me like Obama’s working right out of the SEIU playbook.