Big Brother Obama Launches AttackWatch.com


When I first stumbled on an article about the Obama Regime’s new website this morning – AttackWatch.com – I thought it was a spoof – something right out of The Onion. As I quickly realized the story was indeed true, it sent a shiver down my spine – as opposed to a thrill up my leg, à la Chrissy Matthews; we’re being asked to turn over fellow-citizens who criticize the Regime. ACHTUNG!

Is this still America?

The foreboding, all black, sinister-looking site – reminiscent of the old Soviet Union – implores Kool Aid drinkers to report their friends and family to the Gestapo Regime. It also programs educates Obamanites on liberal lies and propaganda ”the truth.”

Get the “facts”? Report an “attack”? Support the “truth”? So, what’s next, Captain Commie, the Obama Truth Police? Re-education centers?  Obama Youth camps? Sanitariums for the politically insane?

Notice the comment on Glenn Beck at the bottom of the screen grab; “Glenn Beck twists the facts on Israel.” The Regime isn’t satisfied with merely turning its back on Israel; it must now re-educate the masses on the “real” Israel. Workers of America, unite! We must fight our common enemy! (Republicans, Christians, corporations, wealthy white people, Israel, and Fox News.)

The Regime also launched a Twitter account – @attackwatch  – which will be used to “spread the truth” to the Obamanites. One recent “truth” claimed that Mitt Romney “improperly blamed 2007 and 2008 job losses on Mr. Obama.” Seriously? Captain Buck Passer is still blaming George Bush for everything from the economy to squeaky floors in the Lincoln bedroom. Get a grip, you thin-skinned loser.

We must resist, America – before it’s too late. Fire up your computers and your smart phones; spread the word to your friends; the Regime must be stopped! It appears that a few members of the Resistance have already begun a counter-insurgency on the Regime’s AttackWatch Twitter page:

@AttackWatch Send me to jail. My peaceful personal attack on Obama is to not vote for him in 2012. I <3 @MittRomney! What are you gonna do?

@AttackWatch How many people work there, and are those created jobs or just saved?

Hey @AttackWatch, I’m enjoying all the jokes at you n @BarackObama. Thanks 4 ending my day w laughter! 

I’ll  be right back; there’s a loud, menacing knock at the door…

Somewhere, George Orwell is smiling this morning.