This Picture Says It All in Montgomery Country

I have a friend who’s a canvasser in Montgomery County, Ohio. He recently witnessed a remarkable sight! When Joe Biden was in town, he invited the 9,000 attendees of his rally to vote early. The campaign had arranged for a full fleet of buses to transport the crowd to the early voting location, but only utilized 3! Election workers had unnecessarily prepared for a large crowd, receiving only a tiny fraction of expected voters.

As they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and the one below of an empty Ohio early voting location, is worth even more! Photos and stories like this are being buried by the press because they do not go along with the current leftist media narrative that suggests early voting enthusiasm for Barack Obama is at an all time high. Newsflash: This isn’t 2008 and not everyone is as excited about Barack Obama as Chris Matthews and Nate Silver continue to be.

Less Americans are rushing to the polls for this President. Even powerful dems, like our Vice President, are having a difficult time rallying the vote! The media needs to get real. This race is NOT a shoe-in for Obama.