Senator Sherrod Brown’s Dismal Record in Ohio

Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown is running for reelection. Brown, voted one of the top liberals in the U.S. Senate, has a voting record that should make swing-state Ohioans shutter. Not only did Brown vote to support the failed $831 billion dollar stimulus, he has voted to support practically every other failed taxpayer bailout. During the Brown’s tenure he supported the Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac bailout, the $432 billion Wall Street bailout (TARP), and the $3 Billion Cash for Clunker Program.

Brown also is attached to President Obama’s hip while his administration wages a War on Coal. Brown’s War on Coal has had dramatic consequences for coal-fired power plants in Ohio, causing not only job loss within Ohio’s domestic energy industry but skyrocketing electricity rates for Ohio families.

If all this evidence were not convincing enough to Ohioans, Brown was the deciding vote on the president’s health care law.

Luckily, American Commitment’s new ad is reminding Ohio voters of Brown’s record.

Voters are beginning to wake up and examine the terrible records of their legislators. With ads like these from American Commitment, Brown will not be able to hide or escape from his own failed record.

Now more than ever, we need senators who are willing to do what bureaucrats won’t or can’t. We now know that the president’s health care law is a tax, even though he promised us it was not a tax. As a result, we need 51 Senate votes to repeal it under reconciliation. Because Brown has carried water for liberals and the president since day 1 of his tenure, we need another man to bring Ohio’s fight to Washington.