Obama ad completely debunked by The Fact Checker

The Obama campaign has released a new ad claiming that Mitt Romney is a Gordon Gekko-

like “corporate raider”. The Washington Post reviewed this claim and found it to be false.

The Obama campaign apparently loves to ding former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with the charge of “outsourcing.” On several occasions, we have faulted the campaign for its claims, apparently to little avail.

Now, all of the claims have been combined in one 30-second ad, with the added incendiary charge that Romney was a “corporate raider.”

“Corporate raider” has a very specific meaning in the world of finance, which has very little to do with the actual work Bain Capital did. In fact, Bain Capital was a highly-respected company until its reputation became politicized by its cofounder running for President and facing these attacks. Even Obama’s former auto czar has has been willing to admit that much, writing in POLITICO, “Most important, Bain Capital is not now, nor has it ever been, some kind of Gordon Gekko-like, fire breathing corporate raider that slashed and burned companies, immolating jobs wherever they appear in its path.”

The Fact Checker also disputed claims that Romney outsourced jobs, both in his career at Bain and later as governor. Overall, WashPo gives the ad Four Pinocchios. “The Obama campaign fails to make its case. On just about every level, this ad is misleading, unfair and untrue, from the use of “corporate raider” to its examples of alleged outsourcing. Simply repeating the same debunked claims won’t make them any more correct.”

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