What Actually Motivates the Liberal-Socialists?


From a human standpoint, I have often wondered what animates those in the Liberal-Socialist, One-World Government political movement. As an educated adult interested in politics and history and who (like all of us) observes human behavior, I could not see why the Nancy Pelosi’s, the Al Gore’s, and the Ivy League academics would be so driven, even desperate, to control every aspect of our lives. Frankly, it looks like a lot of work to take over the world. So given the difficulty of the task, what would internally propel activist “progressives” to roll out of bed every morning and do what they do, rain or shine, win or lose, for decade after decade?

One view widely held by Conservatives – that Liberal-Socialists are basically evil, thieving, control freaks motivated by a thirst for power – has always seemed inadequate to explain the behavior of so many ‘Lib-Socialist’ politicians, journalists, and educators who vigorously promote invasive government control over individual liberty. There have been, and are today, dictators and tyrants who are indeed wicked and “power-hungry,” but broadly applying these labels to all the thinkers, leaders, and activists in the Lib-Socialist movement would be a clear mischaracterization.  For instance, one could not objectively place liberal politicians like the late Paul Wellstone or Dennis Kucinich or the quirky and determined Nancy Pelosi in the same category as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. So aside from megalomaniacal impulses, there is likely some other kind of instinctive force driving many Liberal-Socialists.

Recently, while listening to Glenn Beck on the radio, another explanation for Lib-Socialist behavior came to me. As Mr. Beck described the plans by socialists like George Soros and Maurice Strong to create a global government to manage the earth’s resources and our collective wealth, it seemed that a simple combination of human fear and pride might be the real impetus for the actions of many on the Left. The fear seems to be rooted in the instinctive desire for self-preservation and the preservation of one’s offspring. The pride is the ugly, self-righteous variety found in those convinced of their own moral and intellectual superiority, as compared to others. An innately human mixture of fear and pride, rather than a raw “need to control,” could explain why many Lib-Socialists are so relentless in their crusading, so desperate for action, and so certain their course is the only correct one.

Regarding fear, “true believers” among Lib-Socialist-Progressives and One-Worlders are firmly convinced that, left unchecked, human activity will soon cause unrepairable damage to the environment and a permanent shortage of natural resources; circumstances which will result in extensive loss of life by starvation and disease or natural disaster. Most of us, if filled with a gut-level fear for their lives, would naturally be driven to take power where we could in order to save ourselves. (A madman is taking our speeding bus toward a cliff and someone sane has GOT to take the wheel! ) Thus, an hysterical fear of approaching doom might explain the otherwise outlandish and hurtful measures sought by the Left, including:

1) Population control through abortion, sterilization, and family size limits.

2) Heavy taxation of the world’s most productive economies and the slashing of energy usage as a means to ration our “extremely limited” resources (i.e. the net result of Lib-Socialist ‘recycle & renew’ and ‘global warming’ fixations).

3) International wealth redistribution, total disarmament, and “dialogue” with any and all adversaries; all to avoid the “waste of resources” associated with armed conflict and post-conflict reconstruction.

4) The elimination of individual freedoms and, through “educational” methods, all independent thought.

For Al Gore and the vast number of Lib-Socialist One-Worlders, Earth is an oh-so fragile lifeboat, adrift in a vast ocean, occupied mostly by clueless humans recklessly squandering the last of our food, water, land, and energy reserves. Paradoxically, given their faith in Human Intellect, many on the Left seem truly afraid that no solutions to energy or food shortages could ever be found. (And forget about humans becoming a space-faring people that would colonize other planets. Too many resources are required to travel through space!) In contrast, Non-Socialists are not generally seized with such fears, but believe that free-market, limited-government methods will allow us to utilize our vast but finite resources in ways that safe-guard human life today and provide for our offspring for generations to come.

Regarding pride, Liberal-Socialists seem to have an abundant supply. (One could say it’s a renewable resource.)  Unfortunately, an abundance of self-righteous pride exists in many Lib-Socialists, producing in them an unwavering confidence in their own (supposed) intellectual superiority.  This further explains:

1) Why Lib-Socialists seem convinced only they are clever enough to comprehend the magnitude of our resource crisis and find correct solutions – the unenlightened masses, by comparison, are blind and dumb.

2) Why Lib-Socialists believe they can properly structure all civilization, and must do so on our behalf, in order to administer our “dwindling resources” and guide our Earth-ship to safe harbor.

3) Why Lib-Socialists find it acceptable to consciously confuse and deceive or blatantly lie in order to amass power and achieve their ends; their view being that the witless masses, incapable of self-regulation, pose an immediate threat to the remaining resources.

4) Why Speaker Pelosi believes she has the ability “… to save the planet.”

In short, many in the Lib-Socialist-Progressive movement are perhaps driven more by simple human fear and pride than by a focused “quest for power.” Given the ‘earth as lifeboat’ mindset, many Liberal-Socialists deeply fear the imminent loss of earth’s life-sustaining natural resources.  They are thus driven by a self-preservation instinct to obtain the power to ration what precious few resources they believe remain.  This motivating fear, coupled with a prideful certitude in their imagined superior ability to manage and control, further compels Liberal-Socialists to behave as though they belong to a kind of Guardian Class – one which is able to save both our planet from desolation and the rest of us from ourselves.