"Perry is Gay": Sure, Why Not?

I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, currently in what could be considered a Liberal enclave in Houston.  I pay attention to politics, follow the news and keep myself abreast of current events.  So when I read of the “rumors swirling” regarding Rick Perry, I was interested if only because they had evidently managed to elude my notice for many years.

This morning offered my first explanation of exactly what these rumors might consist, in a surprisingly even-handed “Politico” article by Maggie Haberman.  It drifts off a bit at the end with an obligatory acknowledgement of Obama’s birth certificate issues (syntax is indicative it might involve a mess of pottage), but the gist is that the rumors in question are that Rick Perry is gay, and/or that there was trouble in his marriage.

Objectively, this feels on its face like a Conservative hit-job as opposed to a Liberal smear, one more appropriate to a Primary than a General Election.  At this point, the spectacle of a Liberal yelling “homo” at someone they don’t like has moved beyond irony and well into the absurd, for more than one reason.  There simply are fewer and fewer people interested enough on the Conservative side to take such clearly poisoned bait, and Obama has proven such a profound disaster that few can afford to care.  And, further reading indicates this rumor apparently first came to any sort of real light when Perry was challenged by fellow Republican (in theory) Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Austin rumors are not Texas rumors, any more than Austin reflects Texas.  Austin is proudly and defiantly “weird,” but that cute bumpersticker credo drifted off decades ago into the very Progressive denial of Reality which allowed a Chicago Community Organizer to be elected to the Presidency.  This entire potential scandal appears to be based upon an internecine attempt at character assassination which missed its target, which is now being resurrected for potential use by people who frankly are not appropriate to the caliber of the weapon in question.  And there is an odd sense that they know it.  This feels like one they will anonymously throw against the wall from a safe distance, hope whatever sticks does as much damage as possible, while recognizing the potential for blowback.

“I’ll take Chicago bathhouses for a thousand, Alex.”