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Given this latest and greatest gaffe regarding the WTC Murder Mosque, and with disaster consistent with every plan, Bill, idea and effort to which Obama’s name can be affixed, added to the fact that it is now only too evident things will get worse, not better:

Has anyone considered the eventual Obama Presidential Library?

What will comprise the thing?  A Saudi-donated Koran, a copy of “Rules for Radicals” and an 8×10 glossy of Professors Cloward and Piven?  We are currently enduring the first Disastrous American Presidency, wherein absolutely no definable group stands to see any sort of legitimate profit or good whatsoever.  For the purposes of this argument, a handful of corrupt bankers, GE executives and/or Al Gore do not count, as True Profit feeds the system.  With Carter, awful as those years were, the ludicrously high interest rates at least allowed for the generation of some profits, subsequently taxed at an absurd rate. (A sort of Serfdom for the Rich being Jimmy’s economic vision.)  With Obama, there is no gas in the engine, and he and his mal-educated cadre of Ivy League educated fools have done all possible to spend the wheels off the car.  As things stand, without unprecedented cuts in Governmental spending — cuts which are completely necessary but which will only inflate our magically frozen sub-10% unemployment rate —  this economy is literally stagnant.  And there is no doubt whatsoever that once Obama is removed from power, just as the equally fanciful “Clinton surplus” vanished under the light of day, the true level of unemployment under Obama will as well suddenly be all-too evident the instant it is so allowed.  This era may well eventually be recognized as the Unacknowledged Great Depression.

There is currently no reason nor impetus for the economy to begin again moving forward, and unless a wholly complicit Congress somehow has economic scales fall from its eyes between now and January, the reimposition of Clinton-era tax rates may well do more damage than anyone has yet truly considered.  The patient only has so much blood, after all.  But conversely, the wonder of Progressive thought is its utter lack of acknowledgement of the notion of cause and effect.  If no one is making any money, there is nothing to tax.  Progressives behave as though just having money is sufficient cause for taxation, as opposed to the money actually needing to somehow replicate before it is taxable.  The possibility might exist that the rise in rates would be commensurate to the fall in earnings, and the Government will have managed to slit its own throat, as opposed to that of those it ostensibly exists to serve.

But, given these potential economic holocausts so high on the horizon, and the history of consistent, without-exception failure on every turn, we have to wonder if the Barrack Obama Presidential Library will even be allowed to be built on American soil.  Who would have the thing?  It will stand only as a monument to the ultimate failure of an entire school of thought, one long-since disproven.  We can only hope it would serve as Progressivism’s tombstone.

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