Manufactured Crisis Lite

For the foreseeable future (read November), each and every time Americans take a small step forward and accomplish something towards undoing the damage currently being committed and contemplated, there will be cries of Racism.

The charge will not necessarily make an ounce of sense, fit the context of the moment in any way, and may even be brought against people of the race supposedly being attacked.  (Loss of any sense of absurdity is part of the price of living without bedrock principles, and instead being satisfied with merely having a supposed goal in sight.)  The charge quite possibly may prove in the end an outright lie, but the proof will never be acknowledged in a meaningful manner.  Near the end of Bush the Second’s second term, I clearly remember asking myself what might happen if politicians and the Press both simultaneously realized there was nothing standing between them and the total abandonment of any pretense of reporting facts or upholding any standards of veracity.  What if they simply decided to say whatever would get their even-then shared goals accomplished, counting upon one another to react however necessary to keep the ball rolling?

If that is not now where we find ourselves, the differences elude me.  There are of course a priceless handful who can be counted upon to scream the obvious from the rooftops, but to most they are lost in the overall din of a thousand louder, endlessly aggressive voices of a shared agenda.  (In many cases, these voices can be breathtakingly uninformed and even genuinely stupid, for it is only a matter of a predetermined message being delivered.  It does not require a developed brain to sneer, hence the comedians, drama critics and even ex-sportcasters currently carrying water for the Left.)  Racism is just the current sidearm of choice, a sort of utilitarian Progressive panacea against being asked to think or defend one’s ideas, but the populace grows more and more resistant to its effect each time it is misused, and trumpeted proudly by the Press. We live in an age where finding reason for offense is considered an achievement. Those using Racism as a tool, despite an affected professional concern for the poor and downtrodden, really could not care less about any damage done.  It is, like everything they do, a means to an end, towards an ill-defined but undoubtedly glorious Greater Good that all truly educated, kind and right-thinking people can instinctively recognize as The Right Thing To Do. And should it fail in the end, it would be the most noble of failures, brought about by lesser minds clinging to outdated notions.

But of course, where any structure — be it physical or metaphysical — is based upon anything less than a solid base, the more that is in turn based upon it, the greater the damage when the inevitable collapse finally comes.  For example, the Marxist atavisms currently being woven into our lives are based at their core on the assumption that it is impossible for a man to achieve anything beyond his supposed station in the world.  That he is born into a box, and that there is only so far he can be allowed to move, without risking the destruction of society as a whole.  Within the realities and confines of other older, class-oriented societies, Marx noted a definite point of fact.  But the United States of America stands as a monument to and proof of the superfluity of Marx’s notion, should a man only be allowed the same degree of Freedom and Opportunity as his fellow citizens, and be allowed to go as far as his mind will take him.  Will everyone succeed to the same degree as everyone else?  Of course not, on one hand for the same reason everyone is not the same height, and for a thousand reasons involving personal choice and Free Will on the other.  But with a Lie at one’s philosophical base, it is Hate which almost inevitably seems to erupt when confronted by Reality, because it exposes the Believer as a fool of the highest order, as what one believes defines whom one is, and informs actions.  They use the word “Should” as though there is some inevitability in mere Possibility. Just because something “should” be true does not necessarily mean it can be so.  As a result, they have no argument, other than emotion-based appeals to Feelings, and devalue almost everything they touch, as a matter of course.   The station in the world of this country still stands in utter, complete contradiction to the higher educations of an enormous percentage of those currently occupying positions of authority in our Government.  Their confusion stands on open display every day, and drives their seemingly instinctive need to “level the playing field,” so their preconceived notions might be forced to conform with Reality. If America stands as exceptional, they do not, at their core, make sense, and it must be maddening.  What we are living through is a death rattle, the last spasm of a disproven ideology and unbalanced set of priorities.  They should have gone the way of Monarchy decades ago, but they have a valuable trump card, one that our Society cannot seem to see its way past: their way sounds nice, compared to the relatively harsh realities of expecting people to tend to their own interests. Where Evil last century came in tanks and battalions, it now comes to “help,” but with precisely the same goals. They have taken an empty, undefined sense of “Wouldn’t it be nice if. . .” and are currently using it as leverage against the Constitution of the United States.

It is a Birnam Wood sort of Marxism we confront today, one which has been unsuccessfully contorted to fit into a system antithetical to its intentions, and most simply and tellingly, one where it is not in any way necessary.  Call it Progressivism, Statism, “Third Way,” or even the horrible usurpation and total misnomer “Liberalism” — by whatever name it can serve no purpose here, and do no good whatsoever for anyone whomsoever. And this is the final horror which confronts those few wise enough on the Left to recognize and acknowledge what is actually going on: since at earliest 1776, and certainly since the Industrial Revolution, the ideas of Marx and his predecessors have been utterly and completely disproven, and as such are no longer in any way necessary.  They are now in a literally existential fight, fighting with every weapon at their disposal, with any notion of Honor or Integrity long-since abandoned in the name of the pursuit of the undefined Greater Good.  Utility is everything; Morality and Ethics malleable, not in any way concrete, but adjustable to fit the needs of the day or even hour.  Thus pretending someone said something mean about still someone else’s ethnic background is just another tool.  Before this most Interesting Time sputters to its inevitable conclusion, such lies will be all they have left, as an entire sociopolitical movement will stand utterly disproven in every way, for all to see.  What can one say about a philosophy whose end began the instant it finally achieved power?