Yes, President-Elect Obama. I want someone who does virtually nothing to combat illegal immigration to run Homeland Security!

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano will head the Department of Homeland Security. This is like having the fox guard the hen house.
This is quite possibly the worst appointment Barack Obama can make, unless he taps Chuck Hagel to run the DoD. Here we have a governor who does practically nothing to defend the border with Mexico, and our great leader wants her to help come up with solutions to defend us from terrorists? Does this show great judgement, or what?
Napolitano is notorious for only targetting businesses that hire illegal immigrants and other systems that “exploit” them. Look, I’m all about going after businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants, but she ignores her responsibility as the governor of Arizona by not going after the illegal immigrants themselves! How in the heck can a former Attorney General of her state blatantly disregard the law? She has even publicy criticized an Arizona Sherrif for volunteering to capture illegal immigrants to be deported.
If people like JaNo (as a friend of mine from Arizona refers to her) are going to be helping Obama protect the country, then we should all be afraid. After all, he already said he would meet with rogue dictators without preconditions; why not seal the deal with putting someone in charge of homeland security who doesn’t even bother to protect the border?