Sarah Palin, Welcome to "Under the Bus"

It seems there are a lot of bitter feelings towards Sarah Palin from certain McCain staffers. Palin denies there was any type of rift, and maybe she honestly believes that, but it’s pretty obvious that she, like President Bush, is getting tossed under the proverbeal bus.
Carl Cameron reported earlier this afternoon on FOX some wild stories; she refused preparation for the interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, she got upset about the negative media coverage and even threw temper tantrums about it, going off script, opposing the decision to pull out of Michigan, and not knowing Africa was a continent. I doubt the last statement, however, considering Barack Obama he’s been to 57 states, and Joe Biden thought “jobs” had three letters in it and mentioned an eating eastablishment that’s been closed for nearly a decade in the VP debate, gaffes are bound to occur at times.
John McCain’s people, and maybe even McCain himself, have some obvious tense feelings towards Sarah Palin. Sounds to me like they’re blaming her for the loss. I see it a different way. Palin gave McCain a chance, albeit a small one, to win. Had Romney, Huckabee, Lieberman been selected, this election would have been conceded shortly after the second round of polls closed. Palin gave McCain an excited base that was cold to McCain in the first place.
As far as my reference to President Bush, I’ve already stated you can attack me for supporting him. I’ve had disagreements with spending, illegal immigration, and his prosecution on the war in Iraq. However, the economy was strong for the majority of his presidency, he kept us safe after 9/11, helped gain seats in both the House and Senate in 2002, and actually tried working with both parties to accomplish things for the country. He had no defense from practically anyone in 2006, and in 2008 the Republicans said, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Kind of harsh, even though he has low approval ratings. As the party’s leader, he was tossed aside with yesterday’s trash. Folks, this was the leader of the party. Part of me thinks Bush told himself “to hell with you all,” and for good reason. While I’ve had disagreements with him, I think he’s been a good president overall and treated unfairly by the party. With no leadership, what did we expect to happen?
Going back to Sarah Palin, she was at first getting treated unfairly by the media, and she’s now getting the same treatment by people on the McCain camp, who ran a pretty lousy campaign in their own right. As more and more of these reports leak out, it will even further damage her reputation, embolden Democrats to attack her re-election bid for governor, and pretty much force her to forget about 2012. So much for energizing the base.
I’m sure more will be coming out and there will be a book deal in it for someone, but this isn’t good news. If we start twisting the knives now and playing the blame game, how can we look to win over the people when we can’t even win over each other?