My Opinion: MSM will Call Key Battleground States for Obama Right After Polls Close

According to the McCain campaign e-mail update I got last night, they are very excited about their chances in possibly winning Iowa and Colorado on Tuesday. I don’t know if I am as optimistic, but then again we were supposed to believe that Obama should already appoint his cabinet and start working on his agenda with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I said in another post that we’ll be up for a long night on Tuesday, and I’m beginning to have second thoughts about that now.
Barack Obama may legitimately win this election on Tuesday. But I fear a repeat on Florida in 2000 where they called it for Gore early on. Karl Rove, to this day, still claims it cost President Bush a ton of votes, when they called Florida for Gore. This caused voters in the midwest and mountain regions to think the race was over and made some Bush voters stay home.
I think this is what will happen on Tuesday. I believe that the MSM (CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and NBC) will call Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and quite possibly Ohio for Obama within a half hour after the polls close. If Iowa and Colorado are truly very close, they will do what they can to crush the enthusiasm of any McCain supporters out there to wrap this up as soon as possible so the celebration can begin.
Look, the media has been in the tank for this guy since he won the Iowa primaries. They’ve overlooked everything about his past, and all of his drastic shifts in policies and statements from the primaries (where he was running as a far left loon) to the general election (where he’s running like a centrist, echoing the tone of Ronald Reagan). If they’ve given him a free pass and not investigated him like they should have, then what’s one more night of twisting things around to get him elected? I can seriously see this happening, and FOX News may be the lone outcast, refusing to call states for Obama until the vast majority of votes (at least 80%) have been counted.
I still plan on keeping the TV on FOX all night Tuesday, (I might be dragging all day on Wednesday from lack of sleep) but please heed my warning here. If you watch CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN they will call the election very early for Obama. Watch them at your own peril. Don’t let them get you down. We’re in striking distance of pulling off an upset, and I’m not going to let them ruin my night.