So, Will the Infomercial Blunt McCain's Progress in the Polls?

I want honesty, folks. I had to get the kids ready for bed, and then was tempted to see it, but I decided I would much rather watch my favorite NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs, bow down to the Phoenix Suns. A friend of mine watched it and said there was nothing new except the same “hope and change” crap he recites every time he’s on TV.
Granted my friends and I are just “a tad” biased, but I seriously want to know if there was anything new, besides dropping the $250,000 down to $200,000 in this commercial that he hasn’t said before that will hinder McCain’s movement in the polls. I’m sad to say that if Obama gets back up to a seven or eight point lead nationally after all of this, then it just might be time to start thinking about 2012.
So let me hear it. Anything signifigant happen?