Barack Obama, (R) Illinois

In 2006, the Democrats defeated the Republicans in the midterm “thumping” by using Mark Foley and Macaca when the polls started showing Republicans making gains. The Democrats also successfully recruited more conservative/moderate candidates to compare more evenly with their Republican counterparts so the “liberal” tag couldn’t stick very well.
Now I firmly belive Barack Obama embraces socialism in every way, and I believe his national security and economic policies would make Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan. But if you listen to his rhetoric, he sounds more like a Republican, even like President Bush:* Listen to all of his tax cut promises. President Bush promised tax cuts of all sorts, but Obama is trying to “out-Bush” McCain on taxes. I have NEVER head a liberal Democrat promise so much in tax cuts.
* Listen to how hawkish he has been on Afghanistan. He’s going to capture or kill bin Laden. And now, instead of promising to end the war immediately (like he did in the primaries), he’s now talking about ending the war “responsibly.”
* He’s now starting to talk about a “new era of fiscal responsibility.” Very Reaganesque.
Cut taxes and kill terrorists. Sound familiar? Go back four years ago and listen to President Bush and Senator Kerry. And now, in 2008, listen to the campaign promises that Barack Obama speaks of in very borad terms and who it corresponds to. I’ll give you a hint; it’s not John Kerry.