Breaking Down the IBD/TIPP Poll

Seven days left. After nearly two years of campaigning, debates, Hope and Change (and lies, smear, and deceit), and not vetting the Democratic nominee for President, the press is calling the election for Barack Obama. He’s your next president, so if you don’t like him, you may as well stay home on election day. The polls, after all, agree with that statement, so go ahead and celebrate….or lament.
Looking at the polls so far today, it appears things are tightening up, and it will hopefully continue to do so. The latest IBD/TIPP poll shows some pretty sobering numbers for Barack Obama in terms of undecideds, and even voters between the ages of 18-24, which is a key demographic for Obama winning next Tuesday.
Here’s the breakdown:
* Obama leads, 46.5% to 43.3%. This means that 10.1% are still undecided.* McCain leads among 18-24 year old voters, 53% to 42%, with 5% undecided. They note that there’s fluctuations due to a small sample, but that could be huge.* McCain leads by six among among men, Obama by ten among women. Both genders show 10% undecided.* Both candidates run pretty evenly among voters of their own party, but Obama leads 43% to 38% with a whopping 19% undecided.
The poll is outside the margin of error by only .2%, but the big key here is that there are a lot of people out there that are undecided. This means Obama hasn’t been able to seal the deal quite yet.
This may not necessarily be a reason to get too excited yet, but it’s good news. If the election was over by now like the media wants us to think, you wouldn’t see a huge number of undecideds. McCain needs to play the tape of Obama criticizing the Supreme Court for not being radical enough to conisder redistribution of wealth so everyone can see the Marxist that Obama really is. If the MSM sits on it and hides it, however, it will be pretty tough.
I can’t predict who will win right now, but the only prediction I have is that next Tuesday will be a long night. This thing might not get called until early Wednesday morning.

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