Sarah Palin has Gone "Rogue"

Most of us can agree that journalism has practically been nonexistent in this election season. The MSM has consistently put the message out the Barack Obama and the Democrats are on the side of good, and John McCain and the Republicans are on the side of evil. Most of us can also agree that they have decided to spend more time digging in dumpsters in Wasilla than looking into Obama’s past. We have to raise so much fuss about wardrobes and a bogus “ethics” violation run by a partisan Obama supporter and his buddy, but we lend no credence to hanging out with domestic terrorists or having socialist views on the economy.
Barack Obama wants you to think the election is over. The MSM wants you to get depressed so you deicde to stay home next Tuesday. Democrats, start popping open the champagne bottles. Get that new presidential seal ready. Harry Reid, your magic number of 60 is certain.
If that’s the case, then why go with this?
According to CNN and other MSM outlets, Sarah Palin has decided to throw John McCain under the bus and start gunning for 2012. McCain aides have leaked some pretty damaging stuff to the MSM about her wanting to do her own thing, getting off message, becoming a “diva,” and deciding to stick around and answer questions from the press at the anger of her press secretary. She disagrees with robocalls and pulling out of Michigan. Yep, she’s thrown McCain on the side of the road, waiting for him to be picked up with the rest of the trash.Sarah Palin has now become the pure example of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Here are some examples:* The MSM complains that she never makes herself available for questions, then decides to run negative stories about her when she does.* At a time when Republicans are billed as brainless and blindly following orders, Palin gets attacked for disagreeing with McCain on the Michigan strategy and the robocalls.* We constantly hear about how supporters at McCain/Palin rallies are shouting negative things about Barack Obama without condemnation from the candidates, but we hear nothing about the negative things being shouted and ignored at Obama/Biden rallies. Well I guess that never happens!* If she were to wear her normal clothes she would get billed as “trailer trahs,” but when we hear the RNC spent money on her appearance she’s a fake. By the way, who footed the bill for Biden’s botox injections?* And finally, nothing she says will make anyone in the MSM or Obama/Biden supporters happy. Why does it matter at this point?
I’d like to pay more attention to the first and second points. What happened early on is that the media was so ticked off about her not taking any questions, then MSNBC and CNN both ran clips of her taking questions at an airport tarmac with her press secretary saying “that’s all, thank you” several times. So we went from one extreme with her not being available at all, and now we’ll attack her for answering questions? Give me a break!
In terms of Palin being critical for the Michigan strategy and the robocalls, then who cares? I once interviewed for a management position where a division head told me that a key trait of the person he wanted to hire was someone that would disagree with him from time to time and be willing to make their case for alternative solutions. I got that job. John McCain picked Sarah Palin because she goes against the grain, has a history of reform, and wouldn’t be afraid to disagree with him. Good leaders will appoint or promote people who may have a different take on things to make sure they get all sides of the story before making a decision.If any of the McCain aides are frustrated with Palin, they need to get over it. They should actually be lining up to kiss her feet because she energized a base that was turned off to John McCain. This election would truly be over had he not picked her. And you know what, she does need to think about 2012, win or lose. She’d be a fool not to. But what this article is about is the fact that there are still a lot of doubts about Barack Obama out there, and they’re sweating it out that the coronarion hasn’t already started. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Obama called Biden and told him to shut the heck up after guaranteeing a crisis in six months, or thinking “jobs” only had three letters.
Let’s see; wardrobe flap, disagreements with McCain, accusing her of thinking about her own future. Seems like the Democrats are the ones getting off message right about now.