Barack Obama Clarifies Joe Biden's "Crisis" Remarks, Blames Presidnt Bush for Anything that Might Happen

From FOXNews.com:

The next administration will face international challenges regardless of who is elected president, Barack Obama said Wednesday, rebutting criticism of Joe Biden’s statement over the weekend that the Democratic candidate will face a “generated crisis” if elected.

Obama said the key reason the next president will face such threats is because of the damaging policies of the past eight years, and he said he’s confident his administration will meet such a test.

Let me get this right. “There will be an international crisis to test me. I don’t know when it will happen, or where it will originate. But when it does, you can bet it won’t be my responsbility. This is George Bush’s fault.”
And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the theme for the first term of an Obama administration. Doesn’tmatter if we’re talking national security, economy, or energy independence. All we need to know is Barack Obama is innocent of any responsibility, and George Bush will be the reason why Obama is an incompetent leader.
Look, I’ll risk the ridicule and unpopularity for saying this: I’ve disagreed with President Bush on spending, immigration, and the prosecution of the war in Iraq. I think some his cabinet member selections have been questionable. Bt one thing he has done an outstanding job on has been taking the fight to the terrorists and keeping us safe since 9/11. Any reasonable person should be able to recognize that. If you wish to assail me for sticking up for President Bush on national security issues, then be my guest.
“Blame Bush” will only work for so long, Senator Obama. The time will come when you have to back up your style with substance, problems with solutions, and answers about your questionable character. Should you ever be graced by winning this election and honored with the responsibility of defending the constitution, you’ll need to deliver on your promises. So far, you’ve shown little ability to do so.

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