No, Senator McCain. We DO Need to Fear Barack Obama!

Don’t take this as me giving up on John McCain. I’ve already committed to helping him and Sarah Palin get to the White House, and no matter what the polls are saying, I have no intention of giving up.
I saw the highlights of a McCain rally where he said we don’t need to fear Barack Obama, and how he’s basically a decent man with some differences on the issues.
With all due respect, Senator McCain, quite the contrary. You know that, and we know that also.
At Redstate, we’ve been in circles about how dangerous Barack Obama is for the economy, national security, foreign policy, and domestic issues. We all have investigated and commented on his associations with the likes of William Ayers, Tony Rezko, ACORN, etc, etc, etc. We’ve pointed Obama out as the lying fraud that the MSM, the true foot soldiers for the Obama campaign, won’t even investigate. This enough is reason to fear him.
However, we have other reasons. Lost in all of the policy debates, we’ve forgotten about the Fairness Doctrine and illegal immigration. These are two things that could literally put the Republican party, and conservatism as we know it, in exile. The Obama campaign, and his supporters who he encourages to get in my face, can accuse me of stoking fear and division as much as they want, but I don’t care. I merely speak the truth.

First, we all know that the Democrats would love nothing more than to muzzle the voices of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana (as well as others) have warned us about this. Plus, an Obama presidential administration means more of the same with the Clinton adminisration in terms of media bias; no hard questions, no thorough investigations, and nothing but praise and glowing reviews for failed policies. While we would be muzzled and censored, the liberal media would get to run free without any sort of balance. If you think the state of journalism is bad now, just wait until Barry takes the oath of office.
The second thing that no one seems to bring up anymore is illegal immigration. While the economy (and rightfully so) is at the front of everyone’s mind this election season, the Democrats will also keep the border open to usher in millions of new Democrat voters. Along with a weak border security plan under and Obama administration, a fillibuster proof Senate will mean certain disaster. Obama supports the DREAM Act, wants to give free health insurance to any illegal immigrants that become legal, and has also supported driver’s licenses for illegals as well. With all of the gifts he’d be willing to give illegal aliens, why wouldn’t they want to come to the country in droves? All the DNC needs to do is set up registration booths by the border and they’re set. Color Florida and Texas permanately blue on your electoral college maps from here on out!
So you see, alongside the dangerous policy stances, shady associations, and outright lies Barack Obama has been caught it in, these two little tidbits that have gone unnoticed (even by me until now) are enough to make me not only fear an Obama presidency, but also fear for the future of the Republican party and for conservatism.
My fear for my political party, however, is dwarfed by my fear for our country. Barack Obama is willing to take this country down some pretty dark roads just to live in the White House. If the trends in the polls are correct, we might as well just take down the stars and stripes and put up a red flag with a gold star.
So you see, Senator McCain, I have plenty to fear from Barack Obama. So should you.