Yet ANOTHER Reason Why we Should have Been Drilling for our Own Oil Long Ago!

I found an article on FT.com through Drudge that says that OPEC nations want to schedule an emergency meeting because of the recent drop in oil prices:

Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, Venezuela and Ecuador, whose economies tend to be most dependent on high oil prices and whose ministers are among the most hawkish of the 13-member group, have all lobbied for the cartel to drop output.

Republicans have been calling to “drill baby drill” for quite some time. Congressional and Senate Democrats, afraid of losing their jobs in 27 days, have caught on for political expeidency purposes, but be wary. Rush Limbaugh quoted an interview with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who reportedly told a group of supporters that one of the first items on the agenda was to get the offshore drilling ban BACK on the books after the election.
At any rate, this is dangerous. Iran and Venezuela, for example, have a decided interest in seeing higher oil prices because it hurts our economy. Not only is this an economic issue, but it’s also a national security issue. Even Barack Obama picked up on that, though I bet he just said that to get votes.
Of course, you know, the cynical side of me says that we wouldn’t be in this position in first place had we not been held hostage to the Democrats and their friends in the eco-terror lobby and be allowed to drill in the first place.
Goodness, people. Wake up! And you want to send Obama to the White House and re-elect the Democrats, the true party of incompetence to both houses of Congress? What the heck is happening to this country?