The More Agitated they Get....(UPDATED)

UPDATED-Just wanted to throw in another quick line here. It seems that the Obama campaign has been more than happy to run his campaign on “guilt by association” by always mentioning his name with President Bush. Isn’t the hypocrisy monumental when it comes to Obama’s associations?

FOX News has come under attack lately by Obama lurkers and left-wingers claiming to be indepdents that are disgusted by John McCain bringing up Barack Obama’s association with William Ayers. First of all, the majority of these people are lying. They never were independents or even Republicans turned off by McCain. They probably got their marching orders from the Daily Kos, as they have been invading FOX news blogs for the past week or so, which coincidentally happens to be about the time frame since William Ayers’ name has come up extensively.
All I have to say is, KEEP IT COMING!
I will concede that most people are concerned about the economy than they are with William Ayers. However, this brings up questions about Obama’s judgement. If you knew what Ayers did, (I’m 31 and I knew what Ayers did when I was 17)why, pray tell, would you:

  1. Launch your political career from his living room?
  2. Receive any campaign donations from him for your state senate campaign?
  3. Write a forward to his book?
  4. Work on any boards or projects with him?

But all of that is besides the point. Obama supporters are getting angry, and I think this not only means that a nerve has been struck, but this means we’re finally getting somewhere! Keep pressing.
Look at Obama’s track record. First, he didn’t know Ayers was a terrorist. It was only when he ran for president that he condemned Ayers’ acts. It was only when Jerimiah Wright started to become a political liability that he distanced himself from Wright. He said that when he allowed Tony Rezko to get him a sweetheart land deal it was a “bonehead” move, but only when he started running for president. Franklin Raines was advising Obama on mortgate and housing issues, but when the economy started going south, he was never and adviser and they never apparently had conversations. See where I’m going with all of this?
Obama’s campaign is even getting more sensitive because they know that had the media dug deeper with this, he’d be in real trouble. I doubt that the MSM will even bother anymore with the Ayers connection, however the McCain campaign release from a victim of an attack from William Ayers. You can get to it by clicking on the link at the top, and the several “independents” or “Republicans” on the attack are listed below with their comments.
Raising questions about his associations is not only fair game, it’s absolutely necessary! This is a man on the brink of becoming president. The voters need to know who he receives advice from and who has given him influence on his policy decisions.
Think of it this way; do you think that the Obama campaign along with the MSM would want to know if John McCain launched his political career from the living of an abortion clinic bomber or worked on several projects with someone who wanted to promote school prayer?
Keep applying the pressure John. Make him accountable, and bring us closer to the truth.