An Apology, A Promise, and My Resolve

I’ll keep this short and sweet.
I’m sorry to say that I have fallen for the trap, taken the bait, and let everything going on get me down about this election. I spent Sunday evening attending a rally headlined by Sarah Palin, and left the building inspired, energized, and enthusiastic. The next morning, I saw the news, saw the polls, saw how most major TV outlets (except for FOX, of course) were burying the William Ayers connection to Barack Obama. I became infuriated, and left for work with a cloud over my head.
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been more than a little negative toward John McCain’s chances of getting elected. I’ve been overly critical of his campaign and the somewhat uninspired tone and timidness. I’ve been angry at the fact that Obama has gotten away with his deception, spin, and lies and hasn’t been called out for it by anyone. And finally, I’ve let these stupid polls (a lot of which are generally artificial) get the best of me.
I decided today to say “screw it!” I’m tired of being down. I’m tired of letting Obama get a free pass by the media get to me. I’m tired of how my mood has affected my outlook on this country and this election. Instead of crawling in a hole and hoping for the best, I’ve decided to stand up taller, make my voice louder, and do everything I can to help John McCain and Sarah Palin reach the White House.
To make a long story short, I apologize for being a wet blanket. I let something happen to me that I always said never would happen to me. There’s 28 days left, ladies and gentlemen. In politics, that can be a geological age. It’s time that I (and anyone else) get out of the blue funk and start firghting for McCain/Palin, and the other candidates out there that will fight for our values and beliefs.