Sarah Palin in Omaha, and Why I Think this is too Little, too Late.

Last night was Sarah Palin’s big night in Omaha. She captivated a full house at the Omaha Civic Auditorium music hall. I apologize for not having any pictures because I left the digital camera at home.
You will probably see clips of her speech from Omaha on FOX, because CNN and MSNBC have buried it so far this morning, and my guess is that ABC, CBS, and NBC will do the same, along with the mainstream print media. Palin also took Obama to task on raising taxes, his remarks of bombing and killing civillians in Afghanistan, their lack of a true agenda for energy independence, and how Obama has no record of bipartisanship or even getting anything major accomplished in his time in the Senate.
Finally, she brouught up with William Ayers association. She quoted the New York Times as describing Ayers as a domestic terrorist. Shockingly, a lot of the younger people in the audience were asking “who’s that” when the name came up. The interesting part is that when someone a little older told them about Ayers and his horrible acts, the questioning turned to anger. Palin also accused Obama of being “less than truthful,” further quoting the Times that Obama and Ayers’ relationship is certainly friendly. Finally, she asked the question on how someone running for president can not be trusted if they hang around with the likes of Ayers.
All of it is true. However, I’m beginning to think this is too little, too late.
First and foremost, the media will do everything in their power to bury this, or even try to make the McCain campaign as smearing Obama. Second, Obama has already responded with “if they’ll Bring up Ayers, we’ll bring up Keating.” While this will bring the campaign into a negative turn, because Keating was a banking scandal, this may increase Obama’s lead even further.
The genreal mood in America is that they want “change.” I put that in quotations because Obama won’t change anything a liberal democrat president would do. There would be higher taxes, cuts in defense, and increased entitlement spending. The main point is that people don’t really care about all of that since the economy is in shambles, and everything is perceived to by Bush’s fault.
While I believe that bringing up Ayers will make a dent in the polls in some places, I’m afraid that most people have made up their minds, and aside from Obama himself setting off a bomb somewhere, he’s getting the nod. I don’t like it, but for some reason, this is the direction America wants to go. We’ll just have to see if this latest round will make a difference.