Finally! McCain Campaign Decides to Send Sarah Palin to Omaha to fight for Nebraksa's 2nd District 1 Electoral Vote!

Today was a good day already. I got to spend some time at the gym, my beloved home state North Carolina Tar Heels footbal team routed UConn, we celebrated my brother’s 36th birthday, and I got the go ahead to play 18 holes tomorrow.
Then, my day got A LOT brighter.
An announcement went out that Sarah Palin will be at a rally in downtown Omaha tomorrow evening. The plan is to hit the rally after I get done with the round of golf. I know that Nebraska is a red state, but because of the provision that the electoral votes can be split among the winners of each congressional district, and Omaha (Douglas County) has been tilting blue since 2000 has encouraged Obama to open up offices and send his Obamabots around, knocking on doors (including mine on two seperate weekends). Obviously McCain realizes he can’t lose any more ground, so sending Palin here to Omaha to defend one electoral vote sounds silly, but it’s something Nebraska needs right now.
Once again, I’ll be there. I don’t have a laptop so I can’t do any live blogging, but I’ll give a full report. We’ve also been warned that Obamabots will be protesting in full force, but I can tell you that many Omaha residents are thrilled to have Palin here. Hopefully she hits western Iowa after she gets done with us!
I can’t wait! Again, I’ll have a full report for Red State tomorrow night!