Would it Hurt for Sarah Palin to Acknowledge her Shortcomings in the Debate?

Even I have to admit there were rough spots in Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. I thought she handled Charlie Gibson very well, but Couric was obviously out to put more pressure on her and play the gotcha game and put her on the spot. She served her purpose effectively. Some of you may disagree, but I believe that Palin didn’t do so great.
I still think Sarah Palin is a strong, competent person who can do great things for her state, as well as for the country. Quite frankly, while a lot of us who are a lot more informed and involved when it comes to politics were probably holding our breath when she was talking with Couric, I don’t think the average voter wanted to see her try the “Washingtonspeak.”
People were excited about Sarah Palin mainly because she’s more like one of “us” then she is one of “them.” By “them” I mean the stuffy, corrupt Washington insiders, and by “us” I mean the regular people working hard to make a living and expecting our elected officials to look out for us. She’s authentic. We know where she stands on the issues and what she’ll fight for.
These have admittedly been three tough weeks for the McCain campaign. Her interview with Couric didn’t help things, either. With poll numbers sliding in key swing states, McCain has got to do something. If Palin can exceed everyone’s expectations taking on Biden tomorrow night, that will be a good start going into next Monday.
A lot of us have the general consensus that McCain’s handlers have overloaded her with the Washington stuff. Not saying that it wouldn’t have to come sooner or later anyway, but in all of their preparations and study sessions, they’ve lost perspective as to why Sarah Palin got the GOP excited again.
With that being said, I wanted to ask your opinions on this. Here are things that I think she can say during the debate to get the ball back in our court

  1. Admit she doesn’t have foreign policy experience; she’s never met a head of state until her nomination, never had to negotiate a treaty, or never even been to Iraq. However, also point out that her counterpart was only selected on the basis of foreign policy experience.
  2. With that being said, talk about the reasons why she was brought to the ticket. Energy independence, advocating for families with special needs children, and the similarities she has with John McCain in keeping taxes low, curbing spending, working with both parties, and fighting corruption. Question Biden’s and Obama’s experience in all of those.
  3. Have a chat about what’s going on right now. Bring up Fannie and Freddie, Franklin Raines, and Jim Johnson. Explain the ties to Obama. Hit hard, but do it in a nice way.

Maybe a lot of you disagree, but I think Palin has a knack for saying what’s on her mind, hitting hard but laying on the charm. I just hope that the McCain handlers haven’t ruined her too much by now.