John McCain, get Back to Washington!

Here are the facts: For two weeks I was on the phone everyday with Secretary Paulson and the congressional leaders making sure that the principles that have been ultimately adopted were incorporated in the bill.

Here are the facts, Senator Obama. The bill that you claimed credit for didn’t pass. Here are the facts: 94 Democrats opposed “your” bill. You can’t blame John McCain, and you can’t blame George Bush for this. After all, you had Bush’s back on this bill.
I just have a word of advice for Senator McCain. Get your butt back to Washington and get this worked out! You can gain some much needed traction by fighting for the taxpayers and working with the likes of Mike Pence and the other brave House Republicans who didn’t cave to the political pressure. Stress that the American taxpayer doesn’t want to foot the bill to bail out Wall Street. While Obama just wants to be called, you can go to Washington and produce a sound bill to get us out of this mess.
Of course, I’m waiting for the moment when Obama announces he will head to Washington immediately to get a bill put in place, or to convince the House Democrats to go along with the bill. And we all know that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are probably on the phone with him right now begging to get him back there.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an opening. I pray that John McCain decides not to sqaunder this opportunity. Not only would he be doing this for the best of the country, but he would be doing this to keep the keys to the White House away from the most incompetent candidate of all time.