Why I Oppose the Bailout.

First thing Monday morning, I’m calling Congressman Lee Terry (R-Nebraska, 2nd district) and telling his office he shouldn’t support this bill. And, as much as I hate playing the hostage game, his support to this bill may cause me to leave that part of the ballot blank in 40 days.
Folks, this thing stinks to high heaven. One minute, we’re being told by the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd that this is Ronald Reagan’s fault, and the next minute informed intellectually honest people like us remember the warnings that the House Republicans, the Bush administration, and even John McCain himself sent to the Democrats about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
One minute, we all remember how much this Democratic party did everything in their power to destroy President Bush since he took the oath of office, and the next minute we remember how they have his back all of a sudden.
Finally, we remember how Barack Obama said we need to rise above partisan politics in this deal, and informed intellectually honest people like us see that he’s claiming all the credit in the world for this (if it passes) even though he had cheat sheets e-mailed to him by insiders and he was STILL too incompetent to close the deal in the Thursday afternoon meeting.
I’ll say it again, this stinks. And if this goes through, then we’ll be paying for it for the rest of our lives, as well as our grandchildren’s lives.
To be a little fair here, only certain parts of the bill are out in the open, but there is A LOT of power being given to the Treasury Secretary on this to pretty much throw his/her power around and run this show as he sees fit. Also, this “oversight” committee would be composed of politicians, who would nonetheless be as corrupt, power hungry, and greedy as the same people Barney Frank and Chris Dodd said that caused this mess.
We all here know why this is playing out the way it is. The Democrats are unhinged for Republican support, but only because they want to play this off as being bipartisan to save the country in their campaign ads and to share the blame if this thing crashes and burns. I also think a lot of Republicans are buying into the fear mongering for the sake of saving their seats. Democrats like Dodd, Frank, Chuck Schumer, and even Barack Obama himself are walking away unscathed from this mess and they were the biggest financial benefactors from these groups that have crashed and burned.
You may be asking exactly how much we’ll be paying for this. Financially, it may just work. However there are many more costs involved rather than just dollars and cents. Look at how much power the federal government will have. Look at how the words profit, wealth, and success will be looked down upon. Look at how the federal government has now turned into a nanny state by letting the predatory lenders AND the fools who bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford off the hook.
I, for one, don’t want an America like this. And with the mood of the country being for “hope and change” led by a Socialist, this is starting to look REALLY bad. Should this bill pass, it’s going to se a dangerous precedent.
If you’re on board with me, then I urge you to do what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning. I also understand that some of you may support this bill, and I repsect your opinions. But I don’t think a true conservative would cede this much power to the federal government all the while subsribing to the fear mongering and hypocrisy by politicians.