Rising Above Partisan Politics, Not Inserting Presidential Politics, and Political Ineptitude.

Never mind the fact that the truth about what really happened at the failed Thursday meeting at the White House will never be relased by the mainstream media. Also, completely forget about the fact that Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the entire Democratic party are mostly responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle. Oh, and definitely forget about Barack Obama rising above partisan politics and deciding to not insert presidential politics into the bailout negotiation bill.
As a matter of fact, Barack Obama is already claiming credit for the bailout deal and saying that John McCain did absolutely nothing to help out in the process.

“I was on the phone every day with Secretary Paulson and the congressional leaders, making sure that the principles that have ultimately been adopted were incorporated into the bill,” Obama told CBS’s Bob Schieffer explaining, “I think, [that] is an indication of the degree to which, when it comes to protecting taxpayers, I was pushing very hard and involved in shaping those provisions.”
So much for rising above partisan politics, eh Senator Obama?

Not only has he gone back on something else he’s said, but now he’s trying to claim credit for the passage of the bill when it was his incompetence that led to the breakdown of the failed meeting on Thursday? He had notes e-mailed to him from a current Goldman and Sachs employee who is also a Wall Street fundraiser regarding what the House Republicans wanted out of this bill. He was given the floor from all the Democrats in the room, and decided to attack the House Republicans’ position which led to the breakdown. Will you ever hear about any of this? Of course not. But now that it seems a deal is on the table and could pass very early in the upcoming week, he will get all the credit in the world and will undoubtedly add on to the current lead he has in the polls.
But, I digress.
As far as McCain goes, his strategy backfired. While it was admirable to get to Washington right away (at the request of Secretary Paulson, nonetheless) and do his job as a Senator, he was headed off by the Democrats and stopped short at his own game. He will be able to claim a little credit, but the fact that we only hear about what Obama wanted in the bill thourgh the mainstream media and it seems that is what is going to happen, McCain going to Washington will only be viewed as a stunt. I know from McCain’s history that wasn’t the case, but that will be the reality presented from Obama’s media machine.
Some of you are probably already agitated like hell with me because I’ve been hard on the McCain campaign for their errors, but I think we’re starting to get to the point of no return, where promising campaigns are doomed. We’ve still got roughly 40 days left, but it’s going to take a lot, and I mean a lot to convince the voters in Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida that Obama is as dangerous as he really is.