Am I Hitting the Panic Button too Early?

We all know that Democrats said there was a deal on the bailout Wednesday, to which we now know there was never one in place at all. So, it is with great hesitation that I buy anything coming from Nancy Pelosi saying that a deal is nearly in place. With that being said, I’d like to ask everyone why McCain wasted his time suspending his campaign to go to Washington when he’s been working on this over the phone.
McCain only speaking over the phone shows a lot of hypocrisy from himself and his supporters, since we all jumped over the “if you need me, call me” line in Barack Obama’s press conference Wednesday. I know that I’m frustrated by this, and I think that McCain’s gamble may only pay back only in losing more ground to Obama in key battleground states.
I know I said earlier I disagreed with Dick Morris when he assailed McCain for not talking about the bailout deal during the debate last night. No one knows the language, so it wouldn’t make sense to bring it up, right? The more I think about it, the more I think this was the biggest mistake McCain made during the debate.
Jim Leherer (who I thought did a pretty good job moderating the debate last night) openly encouraged exchanges between the two candidates. When the subject of the bailout came up, they both pretty much said that they are confident a bipartisan solution can be reached. McCain could have, at one point, taken Obama by suprise and asked for more specifics in what he supports for the bailout bill. When Obama mentions taxpayer protections, exactly what are we looking for? When Obama mentions the spending cuts because of the financial crunch, McCain could have pressed harder. Why not?
Polls are showing by and large the American people oppose this bailout. Rasmussen alone shows only a 24% approval rating for the bailout plan. McCain should capitalize on this, and tell the American people what he wants to see in this bill and where his views are similar to the American people. This would put Obama in a corner to actually, for once, offer specifics on why he supports or opposes something. In other words, McCain can’t claim credit for anything because we have no idea where he stands.
Lord help us all, but it looks like Obama may be closer to the knockout blow he’s been looking for. And even though we’re still three debates (including Palin vs Biden) and roughly six weeks away, there may not be enough time for McCain to come back.