The Day Barack Obama had the Election Handed to Him

DISCLAIMER: I’m a conservative Republican who is pretty much against the bailout bill and am supporting John McCain for president. I’ll be voting for John McCain in November, and I think Barack Obama is incapable to lead this country anywhere, let alone in a time of crisis.
I admire McCain for wanting to get back to Washington to work on the bailout bill that Harry Reid wanted him back for before he was against him coming back. I’ve also been very critical of people running for president that have abandoned the offices they currently hold, wasting taxpayer money for missing votes, committee meetings, etc, etc. I also strongly believe that John McCain is acting more presidential by suspending his campaign to make sure we not only get something done fast, but get it done right. While I also think that Obama should be ashamed of himself for spewing the lie of “we should rise above partisan politics” then indirectly attack John McCain and refusing to shoot down a reporter who used a question to accuse McCain of playing a political stunt was disgusting. This man is not fit to be president, and I, now more than ever, think he’s ignorant beyond all hope to be a leader for this nation.
With all that being said, I have to ask John McCain what the hell is going on in his brain?Even though I have disagreed with McCain on different issues, I’ve never questioned his honor, integrity, or his sincerity in serving our country. Anyone who does so needs to get their head out of the sand. While this is a noble an honorable move, he has just handed Obama the keys to the White House.
Sure, Americans will admire what he’s doing and applaud him for it. It doesn’t mean that they’ll vote for him. The Obama machine is in full force along with the main stream media, and if a bill can’t get passed by Friday morning, then Obama will have an entire TV audience to himself that evening for the debate. No hard questions, Senator Obama, just tell me how you would handle world affairs. With no rebuttal by McCain, Obama will be able to attack at will, run his ads, and completely shut McCain out of the national spotlight.
It’s true that I think McCain puts country first, and I know he would rather lose an election than a war or have this economy go down the toilet. But by giving Barack Obama an uncontested road to the White House, he’s put this country in much graver danger than he believes.
Please forgive my negativity; I just don’t see how McCain will be able to overcome this campaign error. I’m hoping the people of America see it differently, but this may be a mistake that this country will never recover from.