Russia and Venezuela Kissing in a Tree.......

Earlier this spring, Barack Obama made a comment on how Venezuela was a “tiny country” that posed no serious threat to the United States. However, his world tour consisting of photo ops with world leaders and then negotiating a dealy in troop withdrawls behind President Bush’s back was supposed to reassure everyone that he’s not the foriegn policy idiot we all know he is.
Consider this interesting news from Reuters.

MOSCOW, Sept 22 (Reuters) – Russian warships set sail on Monday for manoeuvres in the Caribbean area calculated to demonstrate to the United States Moscow’s return as a global power on the military and political stage.

The exercises, drawing on a strong alliance with Venezuela’s anti-American President Hugo Chavez, will be closely watched by Western navies as the first such projection of Russian power close to U.S. shores since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

What do we think of Venezuela now, Senator Obama?

There’s more disturbing news of this coming new alliance. It seems that Russia and Venezuela are interested in starting a constorium of oil producing countries, which would more or less put a stranglehold on oil supply to the United States, since we have to rely on foreign sources of oil for energy. Add that to the weapons deals between Russia and Venezuela, and we have a genuine threat to the United States.
I’m a little shocked that the McCain campaign hasn’t jumped on this as of yet, but I’m hoping that this is material for the upcoming debate on Friday. Two hostile, oil producing countries who hate the United States are now running joint “maneuvers” close to our backyard.
And the Democrats wanted to go on vacation this summer instead of working on bills with the Republicans so we can drill for our own oil? And people are still buying the crap that liberals are feeding us that we don’t need to drill now?
Go ahead, Barack. Try to weasel your way out of this one without a teleprompter.