True Patriotism and Taxes

Newsflash, folks. Joe Biden is an idiot.
Well, maybe that’s not news after all.
We’ve all heard by now the idiotic remark about how he believes that wealthy Americans need to pay more in taxes to be more patriotic. While we all know that this is typical Democratic “Robin Hood” rhetoric, I’m surprised that the McCain campaign hasn’t jumped on this.
Looking back through the history of politics, I’m surprised that the Republican party really hasn’t been more agressive attacking this rhetoric.

Think about it, how many times in each election do we hear about how Democrats want to attack the wealthy and make them pay for having a lot of money and give it all to the poor like Robin Hood? You’ve heard it in the last five presidential elections alone, plus all of the mid-term elections as well. And every single time, it seems like the Republican party ignores it.
What I want to know is why a Republican is afraid to hit back and ask why we’re willing to penalize success? Why does it seem that there’s not a brave soul out there who’s willing to take on the class and race warfare baiters to task?
If I were the McCain campaign, I would have released a statement jumping all over Biden and say that true patriotism should be about showing the less fortunate people how to become wealthy and live the dream, not attacking them. Use the successful people as an example, not a sacrificial lamb.
I think until we see a brave Republican out there, then Democrats are still going to wage the class warfare, and even somehow be “favored” on economic issues in every election. It’s time to take the golves off and fight back when it comes to this issue.
I’m not one of those wealthy Americans that Biden was speaking of, but I’ve been able to help provide a good life for my family. As soon as we start taking more money from people because they reach $250,000 then we’ll have to start hitting $100,000, then $80,000, etc, etc.

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