Help! My Neighborhood was Tainted by Obamabots!

Last week, Barack Obama’s campaign opened an office in Omaha. I know it sounds kind of strange, considering Nebraska hasn’t gone blue in a presidential election since LBJ. However, the desperate Obama campaign knows they can’t win the entire state, but rather would have the opportunity due to a quirk in Nebraska electoral rules that could give Obama one electoral vote if he can carry a district in the state. Nebraska will award two electoral votes for the statewide winner, and one vote for each congressional district. The second district, which includes Omaha, is his best possibility for stealing an electoral vote.Moments after my wife left to go to Lincoln today, two young women rang my doorbell. I looked out the front window and saw one carrying a clipboard. I immediately thought they were selling me something. I walked to the door to tell them I wasn’t interested.To my surprise, the woman carrying the clipboard was accompanied by a woman wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt. Against my better judgement, I answered the door.They asked for my wife by her name. I told them she wasn’t here and asked (sarcastically) what this was about.”Well, we’re from the Obama campaign for change,” the Obama t-shirt woman said. “We wanted to get your thoughts on the election so far and ask if you’ve already decided on who you were voting for yet.”My response was simple. “If you’re knocking on my door looking for Obama supporters, then you’re at the wrong house. Have a nice day.” They wished a good rest of the day to me, and I shut the door. Curious, I walked back to my living room and wanted to see where they were going next.I saw them write something on the clipboard and they went to my neighbor’s house, who is as much Republican as I am. Their conversation with her was much shorter than with me.Turns out that my neighborhood, which is on the far western side of Omaha, was infested with Obama people knocking on doors. When I took my kids to the park, I saw three more teams of two people walking around.
Did Halloween come early?After making a few phone calls, I found out that Obamabots were in full force. A friend of mine I met while volunteering for a senate campaign in 2006 said they were hitting Omaha pretty hard, concentrating on women and younger voters. When I asked him if McCain’s people were going to do the same, he didn’t quite know.If Obama’s campaign will open up headquarters in Omaha, hire paid staff, recruit volunteers, and drop advertising money in a pretty red state, I think it’s a sign of desperation that he’s pushing pretty hard for just one electoral vote. Even if he can carry the second district, there’s no way he’ll come close to truning the state blue, and he’ll lose out on the other four votes. What gives?This, I think, is another sign that the campaign is breaking our way.