A Return to Slavery?

I go this from FOXNews.combecause, thankfully, I’m at work while this lousy excuse for a show is on.John McCain went on The View today and got sabatoged by Obama’s girls. The full extent of how the “interview” went is on the website. After a few minutes of accusing McCain of lies in his campaign about Obama and shelling him about selecting Sarah Palin, Whoopi Goldberg got into the fray with one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in my entire life:

Later asking about McCain’s strict interpretation of the Constitution, she added: “Should I be worried about being a slave and being returned to slavery? Because certain things happened in the Constitution that had to change.”

Wow. I can see the new commercial now. “Vote Obama because John McCain’s views on strict interpretation of the Constituion will lead us all back to slavery!”Thank goodness John McCain is a much calmer man than I am. Lord only knows what I would have said had I been in his shoes.On the other hand, why get so upset? We all know here that no election is complete without class warfare, race baiting, and the Hollywood Left saying some pretty stupid things.