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Sarah Palin supported the brdige before she opposed it. She spent millions of dollars as mayor of Wasilla, and as Governor of Alaska. She’s a big spender, and doesn’t bring about the reform the McCain campaign wants you to believe she will.That’s at least what the Democrats want you to think. Obama and Biden keep hammering Palin on the bridge to nowhere issue, but after someone told me that both Obama and Biden voted to fund the bridge to nowhere, I decided to do some further checking into what their pork records are.I went to the website for Citizens Against Government Waste and found some interesting tidbits on the Democratic ticket. I’d like to recommend the website to anyone who is legitimately interested in finding out how your Representatives and Senators voted on spending bills. This is truly a great resource.Here’s how they rated.According to the CAGW’s 2007 ratings, John McCain had a 100% rating, meaning that he’s not requesting any earmarks. To be fair, there are two Democratic senators that also meet that criteria; Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold and Missouri’s Claire McCaskill. Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn also had a 100% rating as well. Also, McCain wasn’t around for every spending bill vote in 2007, however his lifetime rating from the CAGW is an outstanding 88%.Barack Obama, on the other hand, had a rating of 10% in 2007, and a lifetime rating of 18% so far in his first term. His running mate isn’t much better. Joe Biden had a 2007 rating of 0% (you saw it right) and has a lifetime rating of 22%. If you look at the number of projects in 2007 alone, Biden’s name is attached to 70 pet projects fr $119.7 million, and Obama is responsible for 53 projects at $97.4 million. Also keep in mind that Obama, who’s been running for president since 2005, hasn’t been at work too much the past year and a half, so just imagine what he could have done with a full work schedule.Biden’s 0% rating intrigues me. I looked up the other esteemed Senators who had 0% ratings, and I’d like to mention a few key names with some figures. And, oh yes, no Republican received a 0% rating.

Harry Reid(NV)-160 projects at $259.5 millionCarl Levin(MI)-255 projects at $301.4 millionAmy Klobuchar(MN)-99 projects at $178.4 million (only elected in 2006)Hillary Clinton(NY)-281 projects at $296.2 million

Every election has involved the Democratic Party practically having seizures about Republicans failing to balance the budget. The real question should be how hard is it to balance a budget when several billion dollars go to basically funding re-election campaigns?This is something to keep in mind during the elections, as well as when the attacks on Sarah Palin’s political record keep piling on.If the Barack Obama is really interested in change, then why hasn’t he attempted to change business as usual with our taxpayer dollars? John McCain at least has the record and the history to show he’s been willing to do so.