What Would Dropping Biden from the Ticket do to McCain?

Last week, there were a bunch of rumors (that I believe were pumped out by the Obama campaign) that Sarah Palin was going to get dumped from the ticket. These rumors, along with who Trig’s mother really is, whether or not Sarah Palin belonged to the Alaska Independence Party, if she had an affair with her husband’s business partner, and she’s a Nazi sympathizer of course proved to be completely false. Now, it seems that there are some grumblings that Obama picked the wrong vice presidential running mate.Barack Obama will be having lunch with Bill Clinton later on this week. The Independent reported this earlier today:

There will be no Clinton-Palin “cat-fight”, former Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said. Mr Obama will complete the healing of rifts between himself and the Clintons at a lunch with former President Bill in New York on Thursday.

Complete the healing of rifts? Does this mean that Obama’s considering throwing Joe Biden of the ticket in favor of Hillary?As much as I dislike conspiracy theories, I think it makes perfect sense. I’ll concede that throwing Biden under the bus is unlikely, but why heal the rifts now? Does Obama finally realize that he just wasn’t going to walk to the White House without a fight?If Obama is seriously looking to heal rifts, then he realizes he needs the Clintons to win after all. Maybe they’ll talk about having the Clintons campaign, but don’t tell me that Bill Clinton isn’t going to toss the posibility of Biden going bye-bye to Obama. If this will get Bill one step closer back to the White House, he’s at least going to ask. Not that it will get reported, though.If the unlikely happens and Biden is removed in favor of Hillary, what would happen to the race? While most pundits think that McCain couldn’t win with George Washington himself by his side, I think they’re underestimating the GOP base. Sarah Palin has energized the base to an extent I don’t believe the Democrats quite expected. If the Republicans knew that a Clinton was on the opposing ticket, then it would be game on.Another question is what would happen to Obama’s image? While his media backers would spin this in the most positive way possible, would America really fall for it? Obama is already perceived by a large part of the country as willing to say and do anything to get elected. I strongly believe America wouldn’t fall for the bait, and McCain would win.Maybe I’m way out in left field (no pun intended) on this one, but could this actually happen?