Attack Stragegy on Sarah Palin

In a memo obtained by The Hill,the Obama campaign has started to outline their attack strategy on McCain vice presidential pick Sarah Palin. Here’s a sample of one of their tastier talking points:

“What does it say that he knuckled under to the right-wing of his party, who angrily threatened to veto McCain’s preferred candidates, Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge, for their pro-choice views?,” the memo reads. “What does it say that, in order to satisfy the right, he hastily selected someone he barely knew-and had only met once – to serve a heartbeat away from the presidency?”

If I were in the McCain campaign, I would jump on the political expediency of Barack Obama’s pick of Joe Biden for his running mate. What does it say that Obama decided on Biden because he was constatntly criticized for his lack of foreign policy experience and polls were showing a ten-point advantage for McCain in that aspect? Not to mention the racially insensitive comments Biden made about blacks when they rally around someone who is “clean” and “articulate.”To go further, McCain should pounce on the fact that he’s following through with reforming Washington by bringing in an outsider to give the change that Barack Obama only talks about; why does Obama speak constantly about change but decide to bring in an insider who’s served in Washington since the Nixon administration?John McCain could gain some serious traction on Obama by raising these points at the GOP convention coming up (hopefully) this week. It’s time for McCain and Palin to hit back.