McDaniel Infighting: Et tu, Plunkett?


In a recent blog post, Keith Plunkett, blogger – turned spurned McDaniel staffer – turned blogger once more, attacked every member of the loose (and getting looser) confederation of conservative groups that comprise the McDaniel wing of the Mississippi Republican Party.

Plunkett clearly aims to position himself as The. Only. Conservative. Who Truly Knows the Way Forward. Period.

He attempts this by drawing equivalency between a Hayes Dent’s obviously sycophantic pandering and subsequent name calling and MS Con Daily’s having called him out.

Looks like things are going according to Haley’s plan. I love it when a plan comes together. (P.S.: Good boy, Hayes!)

Until now, Plunkett has been a reliable McDaniel conservative. So why the sudden change of heart? There are several possible explanations.

Keith could be upset as his having been demoted thrice during his time as a McDaniel staffer, all the way to untitled, over-paid staffer. Rumors abound that were it not for his cozy relationship with McDaniel himself, he’d have been gone in February or March.

Also, according to the Friends of Chris page, it appears Keith has been excluded from the Conservative Coalitions prior to his recent missive. Perhaps they heard about his campaign track record.

Or, perhaps Keith is salty at having his blog displaced by the New Kid on the Block, Mississippi Conservative Daily, a blog that has emerged as one of the louder conservative voices on the scene in the last few months.

Most likely, it’s a combination of those three.

Whatever the reason, the seeds of dissent have been sewn. Still, there remain a few questions for Mr. Plunkett:

What did MS Conservative Daily do or say that was “unproductive and unnecessary”? It seems as if he simply responded to Hayes’ mailer, which seems to intentionally court Republicans who wish to emulate Cochran’s Democrat strategy. Hayes responded with name calling. Exactly according to plan. Let’s dehumanize our opponents. Thankfully, Plunkett plays right into our design.

From where Haley sits, the whole ordeal is a perfect microcosm of the schism between the conservative and establishment wings of the Republican Party. The conservatives, who heretofore have chosen to exist outside our political machine by virtue of the fact that they don’t need government, remain inclined away from joining together. They are divided, and they don’t need government. So why get involved?

That’s exactly how Haley wants it. There’s a reason you’ve never been invited to your County Executive Committee meetings. We don’t want you there.

And so far, Haley is winning.

barbour - rustling jimmies - Copy

Speaking of “continu[ing] to divide people,” perhaps Keith should have discussed in his blog the idea that Hayes’ mailer celebrated the record turnout in the Delta. Hayess’ use of the fissure in the cement clearly demonstrates a recognition of the divide in the party, and the consultancy’s clear plan to overcome the divide with good press like that Delta news on the flyer’s flip side.

Keith conveniently neglected to mention that. The analysis skills are not strong with that one.

Moving on, Keith says: “Of course the Republican Party wants conservative voters in the party–yes, even those who didn’t support Cochran.”

Exactly, my son. We just want your votes so we can continue our oligarchic reign over this state.

Plunkett even throws McDaniel staffer Fritsch under the bus based on a conjecture-laden piece from … wait for it… SAM HALL, the only guy on the planet whose journalistic integrity is actually helped by his association with Gannett. Hall is another guy who recently got demoted, by the way. But we’re glad to have him on the payroll.

Keith loves to wax poetic about why he’s a conservative, but he demonstrates no real knowledge about how to move numbers in his direction, apart from his repeated exhortations for more stellar salesmanship, the capacity for which apparently he alone possesses, according to him. His familiarity with moving votes pales in comparison to Kirk Sims’ ability to buy votes in Meridian.

If Keith’s career arc is any indication, it appears his superiors don’t have any more faith in his ability to produce than the Conservative Coalitions do.

And then there is Keith’s policy “prescription” for what ills Mississippi. It is quite possibly the most nonsensical pablum ever written — nay, one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard — and deserves not one more word. But here are just a few:

Memo to Keith: No one — not one person — on the Friends of Chris page is arguing against “Constitutional Conservatism as the governing principle that it is”. Cochran supporters aren’t even arguing against the constitution.

So what is Keith talking about?

From where Haley sits, it appears as if he’s chiefly concerned with positioning himself in the middle of the “ad wars” come 2015 so he can replace the campaign salary he is unlikely to draw from any potential conservative candidates.

Maybe Hayes and Tate will throw Keith a few bones now. He’s earned it.


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