The Audacity of Deceit; Barack Obama's War On American Values

O’Leary, Brad. The Audacity of Deceit; Barack Obama’s war on American values. Los Angeles: WND Books, 2008, 230pp. ISBN: 9781935071020.

I was pleasantly pleased to discover that despite the title, this book is not so much about Barack Obama, the person (though that is covered), but is largely about the policies advocated by Barack Obama and what implementing those policies might do to our country. Succinctly put, Obama believes that all our social ills can be solved by bigger government taxing producers more heavily to re-distribute money to those who do not produce. Although it is difficult to tell what Obama’s position is as he changes them to fit the need, from his speeches and writing we can see that Obama is:

• Against the second amendment and the right to own firearms.• For late term or any abortion• For allowing felons to vote• For raising taxes on income of any sort• For giving away a trillion dollars in the Global Poverty Act• For a wide variety of social spending increases from welfare to mortgage relief• Against drilling, coal, or nuclear power and for high gas prices• Against free trade• For a liberal Supreme Court• For government run health care• For drastically reducing the military

These policies follow ultra-liberal trends in every respect. They are a return to Jimmy Carter and even to Herbert Hoover, whose policies in a similar situation greatly prolonged the effects of the Great Depression. As the author deals with all these issues he also presents facts that are uncommonly known about our country. Did you know, for example, that the US has 1.84 Trillion barrels of oil in proven reserves, including oil shale and coal, where the rest of the world combined has 951 billion? That’s PROVEN reserves. We know they are there. Did you know the top ten percent of household pay 70% of the taxes and that 30% of households pay no taxes whatsoever?

There should be no doubt where Obama stands on any of these issues, but for those who would like to analyze how closely Obama comes to their own beliefs, O’Leary provided the ‘Barack Obama test,’ a 40 question test asking for your beliefs and comparing them to Obama’s. Would that his were online, but you can get it by downloading a free chapter here.

All these policies are Socialist in nature, which should come as no surprise since Obama has immersed himself in Socialism his entire life,. As a child he was influenced by his Socialist, if not Communist, parents and family friends, such as Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist poet in Hawaii. As an adult he has associated with a string of characters on the Far Left. William Ayers, the Pentagon bomber; Jeremiah Wright, the Black Liberation philosophy preacher; Tony Rezko, the convicted felon who reaped millions of dollars in housing projects. There are a lot more, and in every case they are people on the Far Left who want to completely tear down the American Capitalist system, the religious values of the majority of Americans, and, indeed, the entire social structure.

In effect, this election is a battle in the Culture War between Traditionalists who uphold Judeo-Christian values, believe in the Ten Commandments, believe in personal opportunity and responsibility, in economic liberty and property rights juxtaposed by far left Socialism which believes big government, less personal freedom, and cultural relativism are the right way to form a society. There is a great article over at American Thinker that covers this issue more widely. In effect, this is the Woodstock anti-Vietnam generation’s bid for power. The ‘Audacity of Deceit’ provides a catalogue of the Far Left beliefs that are driving Obama’s campaign. Read it before it is too late.

Michael Schuyler is a librarian who has published over 200 articles and several books. His reviews have appeared in Library Journal and other publications. His blog is at: Reality Bytes.