Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

My God, it has happened. I can’t hardly believe it. I’m in shock. He actually did it. All these sure-footed guesses yesterday had me a bit depressed, I must say. Redstate put Palenty all over the screen. Someone on the forums assured us secret service agents were surrounding Romney’s sister’s house. I thought the Maverick had lost it with a small-c conservative pick that didn’t rock anyone’s boat, didn’t shiver anyone’s timbers, just made a non-issue, boring, un-inspiring, election-losing pick.

But he didn’t do that. It’s Sarah Palin, the fresh Alaskan wind from the North. You want change? How about it, America? Someone who actually walks the talk, lives her principles, and has more brains than the entire Obama camp put together. It’s Sarah. What a great day!

OK Here are my posts from the past for review:

In July I wrote about Sarah Palin for Vice President and in Aprl I reviewed the only biography available on Sarah.