Update on Honduras

Nine months later, the NYTimes wants to remind you that there was a coup in Honduras:

Many countries in the hemisphere have refrained from recognizing Mr. Lobo’s government because it came to power with an election held under a government installed by a coup last June. Washington has argued that Mr. Lobo was chosen in fair elections that had been scheduled before the coup.

On Thursday in San Jose, Costa Rica, Ms. Clinton announced that the United States was restoring more than $30 million in aid to Honduras it had suspended after the coup.

As the official PR team of the Obama administration; I find it interesting that the NYTimes is, on the one hand, admitting that it was on the wrong side of history in dealing with the Honduras issue (by sending Clinton out to lobby for their behalf, resume aid, etc.) while simultaneously insisting that it was not on the wrong side of history by repeating the lie of a coup (or a military coup, as it would helpfully point out later).

Thankfully, Honduras stood tall against the world and won. Hopefully we’ll have the same resolve.