Memo to Democrats: Barack hates you and hopes that you fail

The working assumption on both sides of the aisle over the course of the last year has been that President Obama is willing to sacrifice Democrat seats (and perhaps even his own) in order to further his revolutionist agenda.

Yesterday was an epiphany.

He is not just willing to sacrifice Democrats in his quest to nationalize the entire health care sector — he is now actively seeking it.

The strategy is as brutal as it is simple: grab as much power as is possible, destroy the Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress, and ride the “anti-obstructionist” unicorn to re-election in 2012. And you know what? It might just work.

That’s why the happiest man in America today is Barack Obama.

Democrats in Congress: be warned. What few of you are actually gullible enough to believe the narrative that 1994 happened because you failed to pass HillaryCare are helpless. As for the rest of you; if you can claw your way past the fear currently (and rightly) gripping you, you will see that the lobbying job that has been promised to you in exchange for your seat won’t look so great in a few years, regardless of whether Obama goes the way of Bush, Zelaya, or Chavez.

There is only one right answer: save your nation, save yourselves. Get out your hob-nailed boot and help us preserve and restore this nation’s status as the greatest bastion of liberty the world has ever known.

You cannot act soon enough.