The Washington Post epitomizes why Democrats are the ENEMY

I’m not an admirer of either Bush the Dad or Bush the Son because they both followed the approach of Republicans having to get along with Democrats.  This is the philosophy of political compromise that allowed the Nazis to come to power in Germany.  Republican Lincoln, America’s greatest President, couldn’t compromise with the Democrats of the 1860s or there would be no America today.  Lincoln could & did convince Democrats to fight with him to save the United States which is exactly what is needed TODAY.  I’ve been reading the Washington Post daily for over 40 years because it provides a daily briefing of what Democrat propagandists see as important.  The Washington Post’s controllers have had a basic approach for all those years & that’s to support whatever the basic drive of the moment is by the Democrat Party.  In this context, the Washington Post ALWAYS accepts the comments of ANY Democrat politician or operative as Gospel while automatically questioning every Republican’s statements.  Most terribly for NOW, the Washington Post has a CREDO that it is always COURAGEOUS to raise taxes.  This idiotic tenet never acknowledges the fact that taxes can be so high as to destroy the economy that supports them or that GOVERNMENT seldom provides the best venue for any SPENDING.  The Washington Post as a Charter Member of the Democrat MEDIA operates on Goebbels Principle that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth with the preposterus assertion that the Democrat Party is the Part of Civil Rights the most glaring example.  With the clamor of the Washington Post & others of their ilk confusing Americans, the problem of today which is GROSS OVERspending in Discretionary Programs of the Federal Government like the “Stimulus” & ObamaCare has been obscured with a debate on entitlements versus defense.  No democracy can survive long term with 90% of its MEDIA part of one political party since patriotic “voting” requires understanding what the real FACTS & ISSUES are on the policies required for the Nation.