Obamalamadingdong 1 me 0

I titled this post with humor in an attempt to soothe my wounded feelings.

Today, while driving around the Nashville area, a predominantly conservative part of the country, I counted no less than 17 pro-Obama stickers. I attribute this to the free “get your FREE bumper stickers supporting Barack Obama” that Facebook has been shoving in my face thanks to moveon.org. What I want to know is why Facebook isn’t shoving John McCain bumper stickers in my face?

My guess is that the McCain campaign doesn’t have anyone footing the bill for said free bumper stickers, which probably tells me a lot.

What the American people want is clear: WE WANT FREEBIES. That’s right. It’s the reason we’re willing to support a universal health-care plan, even if it’s a sub-par one. We want our free bumper stickers, our free t-shirts our great big CHANGE and all the fall-out be danged. We want our everybody share everything programs, and the people that trained so hard in those medical fields quit because they get paid peanuts quit, and our brand new socialist society…wait, did I actually say that?

You get where I’m going with this. I’m disappointed because I feel like people are so quick to get caught up in the hype. I hear so much that I am “such a sheep” because of my moral beliefs and then I see people that will jump for someone like Obama and I have to wonder what all of it means. I want people to question why they are voting for someone. Do they actually understand why they support Obama? Does he actually stand for anything or is he just a charismatic leader? If all it takes is a charismatic leader to lead a country, then any cult leader would do. We need more action and less talk.

I’m just frustrated by what I perceive to be a lack of understanding of the process. We don’t need someone who is untested. I want metal that has been through fire before it supports me and my car over water, not thin, bright shiny metal that may be weak in spots. It may be pretty, but when push comes to shove, it’s going to fall and I’m going to fall with it.

To say I have trepidation about the upcoming election is to put it mildly.