Questions Romney Didn't Answer at Today's Townhall

Mitt Romney held a “townhall” in Dayton, OH today.  While he chose to answer several questions, he left many answered.  The following is a list of a few which warrant a response by the governor. Just a precursory glance at the Romney record file compiled more than four years ago is enough to cause committed conservatives much discomfort.
  1. Do you regret your support of abortion pill RU-486?
  2. How can you claim to strongly support 2nd amendment rights when you supported Clinton’s assault weapons ban, increased gun licensing fees 400%, and claim to not  “line up with the NRA”?
  3. Do you think your myriad of state “fee” increases is partly responsibility for Massachusetts underperforming the national job creation rate?
  4. Do you consider the 24% increase of state spending during your final three years as governor to be a fiscally responsible example?
  5. Do you still support the internet tourism tax you once proposed?
  6. You once stated capturing Osama bin Laden would result in “very insignificant increase in safety for America.”   Do you still subscribe to that analysis?
  7. Do you still support a 10% tax on private donations to political campaigns?
  8. How can you be trusted to defend First Amendment free speech while advocating capping election spending and abolishing PAC’s? Have you changed your views on this?
  9. Do you still believe that “those here paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process towards application for citizenship? Or have you changed your mind on this since 2006?
  10. Do you still support increasing excise taxes on vehicles with low MPG?
  11. Were you surprised at the praise your state health care plan received from Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry?
  12. Do you regret signing into law a health care plan which required Planned Parenthood to be a representative on a state health policy panel?
  13. Do you believe that a self-described “progressive-on-social-issues governor of Massachusetts” should be trusted by conservatives to nominate constitutionalists to the court?
  14. Did you misspeak when you stated “Hillary Clinton is very much right, it does take a village”?
  15. If you admire Reagan so much, why did you emphatically proclaim, “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush.  I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush”?
  16. Why did you appoint a pro-choice judge to state district court after supposedly becoming pro-life?
  17. Do you still “think it’s important that people not see me as a pro-life candidate”?
  18. Do you still believe we “should sustain and support” Roe v. Wade?
  19. Do you support your wife’s decision to give funds from your joint checking account to Planned Parenthood?
  20. Why did you appoint a strong supporter of abortion rights to the Somerville District Court AFTER you’re conversion to the pro-life cause?
  21. Do you think it fiscally responsible to subsidize insurance, as your health care plan did, for those making THREE TIMES the poverty level?
  22. Do you regret signing into law Commonwealth Care, which subsidizes abortions?
  23. Are you still a “rodent and rabbit hunter”?
  24. Do you regret your decision to “recommit the commonwealth to affirmative action”?