The purpose of a business is NOT to provide jobs!

The purpose of a business, small or otherwise, is NOT to provide jobs to the populace. The purpose of a business is to make money for the owners. For some reason, President Obama and the Democrats (i.e. liberals) believe that the existence of a business is to provide jobs regardless if they are needed or not. This sounds a lot like a government job. Hire people to do nothing. Forget about being efficient.  I would love to hire more people because that means that I have more business and need more employees!  Which means that I am making more money!  How horrible will that be!?!?!

At this weeks “Job Summit” that President Obama held, he actually was criticizing businesses, particularly small businesses, for doing more work with less workers. WOW, how horrible it is to be more productive!! President Obama stated that was bad and needed to change! He wants businesses to hire people just to hire people not because they are needed. No wonder the government is so inefficient and bloated.

This week just shows how President Obama, and the people who he has surrounded himself, have no idea how to run a business. No one in his administration, including Obama, has ever run a business; met a payroll; or had to make the hard decision to layoff or hire.

They have no idea how to fix the economy or the unemployment problem because they have never been outside of Washington or the halls of academia.

The best way to solve the unemployment crisis is for government to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

If the President wants to know what it will take to get business hiring again, the solution is fairly simple.

Cut taxes (real taxes not the campaign promise kind). This will put more money in people’s pockets and, they will start spending again.

Deregulate! Contrary to the popular myth, deregulation DID NOT cause this economic crisis. Actually, it was the governments medaling in the economy that directly caused it through FNMA, Freddie Mac, and Congress not doing their job.

Allowing businesses to FAIL!!! There is no such thing as “too big to fail” for a business. This is a myth made up by “BIG business” and regulators to allow them to get government bailouts. There is nothing wrong with bankruptcy!! Even after the government took over GM and gave it billions in “loans”, GM still filed for bankruptcy. All that did was screw the shareholders and creditors; and payoff the unions.

It is really sad that during the 2008 campaign many people said the Presidency does not lend itself well to on the job training. Unfortunately, that has proven true. I just hope that we can survive it!