Never in America!?!?!?!? Only at Barack-N-Large!!!!!

We say this all the time. This or that would never happen in America…not in THE United States of America!
So what are some things that we say would never happen in America? How about government take over certain industries? How about the government asking citizens to snitch on fellow citizens? All these “Czars” who answer to only the President? Or…government run health care?
These are things that we thought would never happen in America. But, they are!
Since, January 20th, 2009, these things have become a reality. The government take over of GM and Chrysler. The President FIRING the chairman of GM…a private company! The government tried this during WWII, but the Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional in the steel mill cases. How is it constitutional now??????????? Why isn’t anyone with standing (i.e. a GM stockholder) file suit to stop them?????
The summer, the White House ask citizens to snitch on their neighbors if they heard “fishy” comments about the health care “reform”. How old school Soviet is that!!!
And now, the administration wants to take over the health care and “reform” it. Which really means a giant leap towards a government run health care. So much for incrementalism. Of course, if you disagree with them or question the over 1000 pages of HR3200, you are a racist or right-wing terrorist.
What is really disturbing is that I feel that the real America is slipping away; and, it has been for the last 40 years. But, instead of a gradual decline, I think that we have gone over the cliff!
I am going to take the President Obama at his word. He stated in the debates that you should judge him by who he surrounds himself.

I have looked at who is surrounding himself with and it scares the hells out of me! I have order Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals. This is one of Barack Obama’s heroes.
I am going to read it and report on it on this blog and compare it to how the Obama Administration is running their presidency. Something tells me that it will be like reading Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kompf and comparing how the Third Reich operated.
In the movie WALL-E, the controlling entity was a company called Buy-N-Large. My wife came up with another controlling entity…Obama administration called Barack-N-Large. They are trying to control everything and everyone. Then, I took it one step further. The main character is called WALL-E which stands for “Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth class”.
Now, I came up with a new name for WALL-E for the Barack-N-Large era.