Bongino for US Senate

It’s official – 36 year old former Secret Service Agent Daniel Bongino is running for US Senate in Maryland. Here’s where I posted his background. He’s got a fascinating background and I look forward to seeing what he has to say on the issues. Here’s his press announcement below the fold.

SEVERNA PARK, MARYLAND -Today, Daniel Bongino declared his candidacy for the United States Senate. Bongino, a Maryland resident since 2002, was formerly with the New York City Police Department and the United States Secret Service concluding with his assignment to the Baltimore Field Office.

“You can’t choose where you were born, but you can choose where you live and raise your family. And my wife and I chose to raise our family in Maryland. Since moving here in 2002, we fell in love with Maryland, our adopted home. Our neighbors have welcomed us with open arms. And it would be an honor to serve them in the United States Senate.”

After a distinguished sixteen year career in law enforcement, including four years with the New York City Police Department and twelve years with the Secret Service, Bongino says he felt compelled to leave the security of a promising career to enter the race because of political leaders making decisions which are making America a follower and not a leader in the global economy.

“In my career, I’ve seen the effects of failed policies on citizens in our inner cities. I’ve had the honor of traveling to 27 countries with the Secret Service. And the common theme in every country is a line around the block at the US Embassy. America is an extraordinary place. But our citizens must be given a chance to compete in the world economy. It is an ideas economy, and we know what works and what doesn’t. This is an ‘open-book’ test, but politicians insist on trying systems that either have already failed in other countries, or are in the process of failing. Whether we are talking about education, health care, social programs or tax structure, Americans are the most creative entrepreneurs in history. But they are being held back by our government.”

Bongino’s campaign will be chaired by Brian Murphy, former Republican candidate for governor of Maryland, who’s campaign garnered national media attention.

“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Daniel over the past few years, and it’s an honor to support him. I’m looking forward to rallying Republicans, fiscally concerned Democrats and Independents behind this campaign,” said Murphy.

Bongino has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, as well as an MBA. He lives in Severna Park with his wife, Paula, and their daughter, Isabel. The couple is expecting their second child later this year. Paula Bongino is a first generation immigrant, and a small business owner.

Follow the campaign on [email protected] and Facebook and at www.Bongino.com.

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